Best Tourist Spots In Nara

Here're best Tourist Spots in Nara. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Nara.

Best Tourist Spots In Nara [1-10]


Nara Park


A World Heritage Site We Can Meet Deer As A Natural Monument

More than 1000 wild deer live in the huge park with lush greenery, and we can meet them freely. Some stands sell Shika Senbei (deer's cracker), and you can feed them, but please beware of so many deer getting together around you!


So Many Wild Deer As A National Natural Treasure

In a large park, you can see many wild deer here and there! Please enjoy feeding them shika-sembei (cracker for deer), touching and stroking gently, and taking pictures with them.


A Beautiful Hexagon Rest Area Floating On The Pond In Nara Park

It was repaired and very beautiful hall roofed with cypress bark. After walking around the extensive Nara Park and when you want to take a rest, here is the good relaxing place.


Hase-dera Temple


Another World Behind The Gate! Great Views Harmonizing With Nature In Hase-dera

Hase-dera Temple has so long and beautiful 399 steps. For it's called 'flower temple', you can enjoy seeing peony and cherry blossoms in summer, hydrangea in summer, autumn leaves, winter-peony and winter-cherry blossoms. What's more, the lush mountain seen from the main temple is just amazing view.


Beautiful 399 Steps Leading To The Main Temple

A Head Temple Hase-dera in Nara Prefecture. It's famous for a flower temple, but what we see first of all after the gate, is this beautiful and long steps. On a New Year's Eve, they will hold a memorial ceremony 'Mandoue' and the whole precinct will wrapped in warm lights.


Mt. Wakakusa


Autumn Mt. Wakakusa Dyed With The Evening Glow

Top of Mt. Wakakusa commands the whole view of Nara Park and its city. From the late October, the leaves begin to turn their colors for autumn, and you can enjoy scenery becoming more and more beautiful. I took this picture in early November last year.


New Japan's Three Best Night Views, The Wide View From Mt. Wakakusa

From the top of Mt. Wakakusa, you can see the wide night view of Nara City. It's selected as one of the New Japan's Three Best Night Views.


Deer And The Setting Sun

Wakakusa Yama Mountain is a spot to see deer at close range and the setting sun together. Many people feed deer-cracker to them and take pictures. Both scenery of daytime and nigh are beautiful, I want to visit again.


Oka-dera Temple


The Lighted Circular Staircase & Japanese Umbrellas

Against the background of three-storied pagoda of Oka-dera Temple, many candles and Japanese umbrellas are lit up beautifully. There're many people getting together to see this illuminations. ◎By bus, 27 min from Kashihara Jingu Station, or 19 min from Asuka Station, to Oka-dera Temple, then 10 min walk. Temple illumination in 2018, only September 22 and 23.


Fujiwara Palace Site


Amazing! So Magnificent Springtime Scenery

The magnificent flower fields of canola flower, cherry blossom, and beautiful sky! When all of the three appears at the same time, we can see a photogenic harmony of springtime.


Water Lilies Blooming To The 3000 Square Maters Pond

In summer, you can see 11 kinds of water lily at 3000 square meters pond. Fujiwara Palace Site is a great place which has canola flower and cherry blossom in spring, and cosmos in autumn, so you can feel relaxed here.


I Want To See Forever More! Collaboration Of Cherry Blossom & Canola Flowers

Fujiwara Palace was the first town that imitated Chinese one. Around the site, you can see the seasonal flowers, especially in spring, the collaboration of cherry blossoms and canola flowers! You must feel refreshed by the lovely spring colors of pink and yellow!◎The present blooming condition is updated in the following site.


Hydrangeas As Far As The Eye Can See! Hydrangea Temple With 60 Kinds & 10 Thousand Trees

Famed as a hydrangea temple in Nara, Yata-dera has as many as 10 thousand trees and 60 kinds of hydrangeas including rare ones. We never get tired of watching the differences between the kind at a sample garden.◎Season: from June to the beginning of July every year, they open a hydrangea garden. Hydrangeas spreading toward the mountain are worth seeing. Many visitors come from other prefectures since Yata-dera has various kinds.


Colorful Scenery Weaved With Hydrangeas Everywhere

Yata-dera is renown as a hydrangea temple. There're 60 kinds and 10 thousand of hydrangeas bloom in the precinct, and I can feel relaxed just looking at them.◎There're long steps on the way to Yata-dera Temple. you need to wear the easy-walking shoes.


Namego Valley


Cherry-Blossom Dragon Rising To The Sky

Namego Valley is famous for the autumn colors though, in spring, the mountain cherry blossoms bloom and look like a pink dragon. We're moved with the scenery like the dragon rising to the sky.


Autumn Colored Leaves Like Dragons Rising To The Sky

In the season of autumn colors at Namego Dani Valley, we can see the amazing view like dragons creep over the mountains and rise to the sky. You can see the scenery like this only here.


Autumn Colored Leaves Seem To Be Rising Dragons

Broadleaf trees such as beech, maple, and cherry trees at the back of the mountains, change their colors in autumn and seem to be rising dragons. The morning sunlight create shades and sunshine, then, they can make the autumn colors more beautiful.◎Autumn colors becomes the best to see in the early half of November. In the morning, you can take follow-light pictures, and the sun shades the mountain beautifully.


Hanayagura Observatory (Yoshino Mountain)


Scenic Hiking In Autumn! Panoramic Fall Foliage View Of Yoshino Mountains

Yoshino Mountain is a famous cherry blossom spot in spring, and also its fall foliage in autumn is beautiful. The colored leaves spread to the whole of mountain, and it comes down gradually, so you can enjoy it for a long term. You must see them from Hanayagura Observatory!◎Sakura-momiji turns its colors earlier and Kaede-Momiji is just going to turn now! Illumination Event: 2017/11/3(Fri.)-26(Sun), 17:00-21:00


Shining Zao-do Temple In The Sea Of Clouds Before Dawn

When I arrived at three in the midnight, the sea of clouds had appeared and made the scenery more wonderful. I took this picture at 4:00. The sea of clouds changes its size and form every day, so you can see the various stunning view whenever you visit!◎I recommend to see Kinpusen Temple from Hanayagura Observatory! 3 min by rope way from Kintetsu Yoshino Station ( rope way opening season: 3/24-5/6, other season are undecided). 30 min by bus from rope way Yoshinoyama Station.


Soni Kogen Highlands


Spiritual Power Spot Where I Want To Visit Many Times

It's my second time to visit here. I want to come again in summer, because I know only its winter season. There were only one other group except for us on the weekday we visited.


A Grassland Covered With Susuki Pampas Grass

Soni Kogen Highland is covered completely with Japanese pampas grass (susuki). The ears of pampas grass shines fantastically in the evening glow, and many tourist come to see this scenery every year.


The Strongest Brightness Of Stars In Kansai Region Of Japan

Soni Kogen Highlands is a fantastic spot with susuki pampas grass spreading to the whole ground in autumn. What's more, on the night with no clouds, we can observe the strongest brightness of stars in Kansai Region in every season!


Motoyakushi-ji Temple Site


Innumerable Water Hyacinth Floating On The Water

Water hyacinth becomes its best to see from the late August to September. It's not a popular flower, but has an attraction makes people want to see again next year! It's nice to see with the setting sun, too! ◎Walk 500 meters to the east from Kintetsu Unebigoryomae Station. For cars, the free parking area is available, but it's possible to be full.


A Pale Purple World Appears Only In Summer

Moto Yakusiji Temple Site in Nara Prefecture is famous for the heavy growth of water hyacinth. As many as 14 thousand water hyacinth bloom beautifully in summer. The scenery of Mt. Unebi, one of the three scenic Yamato Mountains, and water hyacinth is breathtakingly beautiful. It's worth while seeing in Japan.


Water Hyacinth Blooming All Over The Paddy Field

About 400 thousand pale purple flowers are spreading all over the paddy field, and its scenery is very beautiful. The best season to see these water hyacinth is from the late August to the late September!