K COFFEE is one of the best shops to travel in Yamatokoriyama-shi, Nara Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map and photos of K COFFEE posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]

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Shaved ice is popular as well as coffee! It's utterly reliable because they use ice and machine of 'Hinode Ice Maker'. Shaved thinly, the ice is fluffy and melt softly in my mouth. It's so delicious that I can even wait in a line,◎They take 72 hours to make Hinode's ice. For that, the ice has high purity and become soft in your mouth, This is the secret of the popularity and became a instigator of shaved ice boom!


The biggest goldfish producing center, Yamato-koriyama. This 'Goldfish Telephone Box' is in front of a coffee stand renovated from a gas station. Its uniqueness excite the eyes of passers-by.

Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture is a capital of goldfish breeding. Then, K Coffee, a cafe renovated from a gas station, has a water tank made from a telephone box, and the goldfish are swimming inside it. What a daring scene!


The latest appearance strawberry crape is full of Nara's strawberry named Kotoka♡ Very nice balance of its rich sweetness and fresh cream. The chewy dough is also nice. It's the menu that you must be regret if you miss it! Hurry up, it's only strawberry season and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!