2019 Hydrangea Spots To Visit In Japan

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The Colorful And Lovely Wishing-Ball That Brings Good Relationship With Others

Enman-ji Temple is located on the upward of the slope behind Dogo Onsen, and famous for the colorful wishing-balls. If you hold the wishing-ball on your palm and wish good relationship with others, then it may come true. The temple has been well-known as a lovely spiritual power spot since it appeared in SNS.


Sunflower Field As Far As The Eye Can See In Knto Region

Though it may be smaller than the sunflower fields in Hokkaido, it's one of those you can see in Kanto Reasion. It has the height to overlook the sunflowers, which is one of the attractions of Narita Yume Farm.


Most Beautiful Fall Foliage Scenery In Okayama

Okutsukei Valley is famous for its beautiful rivers, rocks and waterfalls, and what's more, a most beautiful fall foliage spot in Okayama. The maple trees turn into vivid colors, so you can see the beautiful autumn scenery.◎Okutsu Momiji Matsuri Festival & Night Illuminations: 2017, 10/28-11/12. You can park your car at the side of the road. The best season is the first half of November.


Beautiful Wisteria Tunnel In Kawachi Fuji Garden

Wisteria becomes full bloom around Golden Week Holidays in May at Kawachi Fuji Garden. The biggest highlight is this wisteria tunnel. By the way, all of the wisteria flowers are beautiful.


Thrilling, But Indescribable View Of Seto Inland Sea

With some big and small strange stones on its slope, Mt.Ojigadate is a scenic spot in Okayama. It's very thrilling to stand on the stone and overlook the panoramic view of Seto Inland Sea, but so beautiful that I can't describe. Of course, you can see also from safer places.◎Coming from Kurashiki, you can climb up by car just before you arrive Shibukawa Beach. Parking lot is available. Please enjoy the scenery from safe place such as an observatory.


Grand Scenery From 1955m Mountain Top

One of the 100 best mountains in Japan, and the second highest in the western Japan. The breathtaking scenery spreads on the mountain top located 1995m above sea level. Specially, the ridge named 'Jiro-gyu' you can see from the terrace is extremely beautiful.◎null


Art Created By Great Nature! The Largest Karst Plateau In Japan

Akiyoshidai is a large plateau of limestone, designated as a special natural monument and a national park. The scenery from the observatory is amazing! We can see various landscape in each season.


Can You Cross? 42m Long & 12m High 'Male Bridge'

Okuiya Double Kazura Bridges have Obashi (Male Bridge) and Mebashi (Female Bridge). Male Bridge is longer and higher than Female Bridge. When you look down, you can see the mountain river through the floorboard, it's so thrilling. Can you go through this fear!?◎It's a different place from Iya's Kazura Bridge. You can cross many times by one entrance fee. Let's try to cross Female Bridge before you challenge Male Bridge.


The Curtain Of Water

Nabegataki Fall is a rare waterfall we can walk its reverse. Though it's not so big, we can see it very close and that much volume of water is powerful! It has become famous since it was used for the location of TV commercial.


Grand View Of The Highest Karst In Japan

One of the three big karsts in Japan, Shikoku Karst lies in 1400 meters above, which is the highest, and spreads both Ehime and Kochi. On the side of Kochi, Tengu Kogen (Highlands) has lush pampas grass and limestone rocks, the mountain chain in the behind. You can enjoy the great nature in the sky!◎On the Route 383 from Kochi, 5min by car after going through Tengu-sou. There're parking space for about 10 cars on the left side. And climb on foot about 3min.