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Mt. Katsuragi is famous for azalea and called as 'one million azaleas in one glance'. They're all volunteer azaleas! The mountain colored in red is like an amazing red carpet! 'Cause there're many benches, it's nice for you to bring lunches and enjoy amazing hiking!◎The best season is the middle of May. In 2018, it'll be a little earlier. You can use the ropeway to the mountain top, or walk 1.5-2 hours to climb. During the azalea season, the ropeway gets crowded with many people, so you need to get there earlier. Check the ropeway extra service in HP.

Kawachi Wisteria Garden is selected as one of 'Japan's Most Beautiful Places' By CNN in the United States, and many people from all over the world come to visit. The biggest highlight is a wisteria tunnel! You can walk under the colorful wisteria, and it will make you excited♡ The wisteria dome and rare kinds of flower are also worth seeing!◎In 2018, it opens from April 18th. The best season to see starts from April 24th. The entrance fee is changed as the blooming condition, from 500 yen to 1500 yen. You need to buy a reservation ticket at convenience stores, and please check the official HP (only in Japanese) for the detail. Convenience stores to buy a ticket: Seven Eleven (multi-copy machine) or Family Mart (Fami-port).

Nagoya Castle (it's 名護屋城 in Saga, different from 名古屋城 in Aichi) was built as a base for the dispatch of troops to Korea by Hideyoshi Toyotomi. It's selected as a special national historic site, and one of the 100 best castles in Japan. You, if not a fan of history, can enjoy beautiful scenery of Kabeshima Island and Yobuko Great Bridge!

Like steps climbing up from the seashore, Hamanoura Terraced Rice Field is formed on the mountain slope. The scenery of the evening sun lightening the field is very visionary. During the end of April to the beginning of May, the rice fields draw water, and the sun comes to the center. Many people visit to see this scenery.◎For the parking area gets crowded during the best season, so you should arrive earlier if you want to see the evening sun.

Carp Streamer Festival (Koi-nobori Matsuri) in Tsuetate Onsen town has a long history more than 30 years. About 3500 carp streamers decorated as long as 2 kilometers are swimming impressively in the stream of the sky! You can enjoy taking hot spring, eating a specialty Tsuetate Pudding, and seeing the streamers together!◎Carp Streamer Festival (Koi-nobori Matsuri) in 2018: 4/1-5/6 Illumination event: 19:00-22:00 Free parking area is available for 200 cars

Umami Kyuryo Park is a large prefectural park with ancient tombs and rich nature. There're about 500 thousand tulips and spring flowers in the park! You can enjoy various seasonal flowers whenever you visit the park.◎Tulip Fair in 2018, 4/7-4/15, 10:00-17:00. Entrance fee is free. You can enjoy seeing flowers anytime, but some events and food trucks are only during the fair.

Jikkoku-bune boat of Kyoto Fushimi commands the particularly beautiful scene of cherry blossom in spring. What's more, the scenery of the boat going between the cherry blossom raft which appears when they're out of bloom on the water surface, is amazing! People can enjoy this scenery for a while even after the cherry blossoms fall.

Fujiwara Palace was the first town that imitated Chinese one. Around the site, you can see the seasonal flowers, especially in spring, the collaboration of cherry blossoms and canola flowers! You must feel refreshed by the lovely spring colors of pink and yellow!◎The present blooming condition is updated in the following site.

Expo 70's Commemorative Park is filled up with so beautiful cherry blossoms that it's selected as one of the 100 best cherry blossom spots in Japan. Its symbol 'The Sun Tower' is distinguished from wherever we see! The park is so large and you can enjoy all day!

Taiyo Park is managed by a social welfare corporation. The highlights are Terracotta Army replicas authorized by Chinese Government, and Great Wall of China as long as 2km, and so on! There're many other world heritages and architectures exhibited, and it's interesting to find different degrees of accomplishment between each works!◎There're stone area with various architectures and castle area with trick arts. A Neuschwanstein Castle is also one of the highlughts! Entrance fee: 1300yen Opening hours: 9:00-1700 (regular holiday is indefinite)