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Wind Bell Event We Can Visit In The Cool Sounds

Son'ei-ji Temple has wind bell festival from 5/18 to 8/31. We can visit this temple in the cool sounds during this season. We can enjoy 'Gankake Fūrin' which the visitors can hang a oblong card with wishes he writes, and also they sell some wind bells.


Reflections Born In The Morning Glow

On this day, the interesting clouds dyed orange, and the fog was rising from the lake, which was a perfect morning. Shoji Lake is not so deep, and doesn't agitate the surface, so we can often see the beautiful reflections. What's more, the sun rises from the side of Mt. Fuji, so we can take photos of morning glow. If you go on a camping trip or something, why don't you get up early and enjoy seeing the morning glow and the reflections?


Cool Night View Of Iron Frameworks & Glass

In the daytime, the sunlight comes in beautifully from the glass. And in the night, we can take very cool photos like these. The scenery born from the iron frameworks and glass is worth seeing once.


Manai Fall Looked Up From The Boat Just Below

Manai Fall is located in Takachiho Gorge of Miyazaki Prefecture. We can feel its strong presence at a very close range on the boat. You must see the impressive collaboration of fresh greens and waterfall!


20 Kinds-Vegetable Plate Offered Till The Stocks Out

A popular cafe in Kyoto has opened in Hieidaira, too! The specialty is Vegetable Plate with 20 kinds of vegetables. It has many colorful items, and each of them cooked very elaborately. In addition, for the chef was used to be a pastry chef, they prepare various original sweets.


Seaside Cafe At A Crying Sand Beach

At Kotobahama Beach famous for the crying sands, a cafe opens when summer comes. It was used to be a beach house. Swimming in the Japan Sea in front of your eyes, and gazing the sea from the cafe would be both good. Sometimes we can see dolphins. I like their pizza grilled in the oven offered only for weekends. On this day, we took two-thirds of the pizza to home.


Fluffy Roll Cake

Cafe Hütte offers roll cake for only Saturdays and Sundays. The fluffy sponge cake with much of smooth cream, and lovely tiny American cherry. And I like their interior and nice relaxing room.


The Northernmost Place Of Yaeyama Islands

Hirakubosaki Lighthouse! It's 40 min by car from Shin Ishigaki Airport! It's must-visit place in Ishigaki Island. I like this beautiful emerald green ocean under the cliff.


Tasty Specialty Coffee & Homemade Bagel

A specialty shop of home-roasted coffee beans. Their beans are all special qualities. I had 'set of azuki bean jam & butter bagel sandwich and coffee mug', whose homemade bagel contains delicious sweet bean and butter. Their proud coffee makes us feel relaxed and the enough amount tempts us to be stay longer. The tiny display of flag is even so lovely!


European House Built In Meiji Period

Kōunkaku is an European style house built in Meiji Period in the site of Matsue Castle's Ninomaru. We feel like time-traveling in its inside. It was used as a guesthouse, and has elegant, gorgeous, and delicate architecture. The red carpet catches our eyes, and pale green color gives us gentle and nice impression.