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When the sun rises, the heavy growth of cluster amaryllis is lighted brilliantly all at once. Its beautiful scenery will brow your sleep away.
No admission fees! At Aichi Farm, you can touch animals (requires some fees) and enjoy eating delicious ice cream!
By its royal afternoon tea, you can feel the time glided slowly while appreciating the garden shows us a seasonal scene. Enjoy many sweets which have gorgeous and lovely appearances.
In this season, there were fewer people there than I expected, and I could take enough time to see around. I want to visit again in winter.
Though everyone knows the name of the Kurobe Dam, we can be overwhelmed much more than we expect when see it actually! This is the most strongest dam in Japan!
Embara River is located at the heart of the mountains in Gifu Prefecture, and I like here because there're a few people there. You can see the sun pillar in the early morning. When you want to be deep in thoughts, it's a great place to do so.
Ferme LaTerre is a sweet shop located at a small hill of Biei. Though it's a sweet shop, you can eat lunch and buy bread, too. Things to eat here is their pudding with melting palate feeling.
I ate sashimi set meal of tasty row saury that had never been frozen in Kushiro! You should eat this fresh and shining saury in its best season by any means!
Chishaku-in Temple has beautiful hydrangea in June and fall foliage in autumn. Such a place is our school zone. I took a picture of a lovely lovely girl.
Lake Mashu is famous for its misty scenery, but I was moved also with the morning glow of the sun rising in the clear air. You should see the beautiful color of its water in the daytime admired as Mashu Blue.