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  • 10/4/1994
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I like travel and cameras, and I visit all around the Kansai Region mainly.

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Paradise In Kyoto With All Spring Flowers

Haradani-en Garden, famous as a cherry blossom spot in Kyoto, has many kinds of spring flowers like Thunberg's meadowsweet and Oriental paperbush. There're flowers all around us. It needs entrance fees for 1500 yen, and has not easy access, but it worth visiting very much.


Cherry Blossom Reflections & Rafts Of Petals

Hikone Castle is a popular cherry blossom spot in Shiga. When the blossoms begin to fall, many rafts of petals appear on the moat and make the cherry blossom reflections more beautiful. If you want to take photos, after the lights-out is better than when it's lighted. There're less people and you can take the whole cherry blossom equally in your photos without going whitish. You're encouraged to come to Shiga!


The Collaboration Of Canola Flowers & Someiyoshino Cherry Blossom

Fujiwara Palace Site in Nara is famous for Someiyoshino cherry blossom and canola flowers blooming at the same time. It doesn't need entrance fees, and visitors can come and go anytime. The parking area is also free, but it would get crowded in spring, so you're encouraged to go there earlier.


A Disused Train Line Enclosed With Cherry Blossom

Keage Incline is famous as a cherry blossom spot in Kyoto. In spring, the cherry blossom encloses the disused train line. Many people visit this place to see the scenery in the daytime, and also at night. It's one of the must-visit places in Kyoto.


Magnificent, 300 Years Old Cherry Blossom Tree

It's a huge cherry blossom tree which is 300 years old and called 'Matabē Zakura. It shows us a beautiful scenery with the innumerable stars in the sky at night. And in the daytime, we can see the magnificent existence of the old tree. You're encouraged to see someday by any means!


Night Cherry Blossom Illumination Many People Visit Every Year

Night cherry blossom light-up famous in Kyoto. It's a rare shrine where photographers can use tripod. There're many people not only photographers, but also tourists and people from foreign countries, so it's very bustle with them. Why don't you come to see this wonderful view?


Lighted Night Cherry Blossom And Blue Osaka Castle

We can see the cherry blossom in full bloom and Osaka Castle at the same time in this season. The cherry blossom was late this year, so we could see the castle's blue illumination for the World Autism Awareness Day together. The cherry blossom are going to be at their best, why don't you come?


A Single Cherry Blossom Glowing In The Morning Sun

I went to Shizuoka because I've heard about a beautiful single cherry blossom tree. It was past six, the morning sun came from the mountains, the sun lighted the tree, then the cherry blossom began to glow. There were more than 100 photographers around the tree at that time. They all came to see this shining cherry blossom tree from all over Japan. I think it's worth seeing once in your life.


A Cherry Blossom Tree Standing In The Tea Fields

I went to see a cherry blossom tree sanding in the tea fields in Tsu, Mie Prefecture. We can see the beautiful cherry blossoms and stars in the sky, then green tea fields below them at night.


San'nen Zaka, Where We Can See The Amazing Cherry Blossom

In late March, I went to San'nen Zaka, a famous tourist spot, to see a weeping cherry tree whose blossoms were at their best to see. The blossoms seen from the slope is very impressive, and photographers come constantly even in the midnight. This is a very crowded place, so please have good manners.