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I love to visit cafes & marché! I often run around Kyoto on a bicycle☆


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Ho-koen Park is located in the site of Nagahama Castle whose loard was Hideyoshi Toyotomi. This park is selected as one of the 100 best cherry blossom places in Japan, and its scenery of 600 Somei Yoshino Cherry Blossom trees is amazing! You can see them with Nagahama Castle and Lake Biwa, which are special for Shiga Prefecture.
This 'Ebisu Yaki' is sold during 'Toka Ebisu Big Festival (a festival held around January 10th)' of Kyoto Ebisu Shrine. Smiling Ebisu (a Japanese god of business and one of the Seven Gods of Fortune) makes us happy. It contains azuki-bean jam and tastes like dorayaki. I like its small size that I can eat it in one mouth.
A cafe named 'Walden Woods' with impressive lantern lights. The original style which has unified white interiors and no tables has become the center of attention just after it opened. Their homemade coffee and Chai Tea made one by one after ordered are very tasty!
The first shop of The Yellow Deli, a bakery and cafe in America and Australia has opened at a shopping district of Uzumasa. I recommend its big delicious hot sandwiches cooked as the same recipe.
A cafe and gallery renovated from a former post office built 70 years ago. It offers lunch of the local food and coffee and sweet that are popular in Kansai Region. Such as counter seats once used as a teller of post office, some parts are left as they were in the old days.
Who won the first prize of 2017 Galette Des Rois Contest is a small bakery located at Shiga countryside. They are not only delicious of course, they fascinate us with the beautiful designs. The other baked goods and breads are so good that this bakery is worth visiting from far!
Though they prepare only seasonal tarts and drinks, such a beautiful tart you eat in the woods is a good seller because they're very photogenic! Many customer come from far, and they would be sold out till noon even on weekdays. I recommend you to visit here just after it opens!
Rice boiled in Shigaraki-yaki pottery is glossy and tasty even the sweetness can be felt! What is more, you can eat as much as you want! Rice powder is used for fries so it's crisp and tastes light. They use the local grown foodstuffs for other dishes. Enjoy the simple and mild meals.
A persimmon delicious as it is becomes a pickle! It keeps the texture and sweetness as it is, and pickle's saltness is excellent. Though it's like a sweet, it matches alcoholic drinks so much that I can't stop eating! The kindness to remove the seeds makes us easy to eat.