Best Restaurants In Nara

Here're best Restaurants in Nara. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Nara.

Best Restaurants In Nara [1-10]

1Unomachi Coffee Nara

Unomachi Coffee in Imai-cho, Kashihara, Nara Prefecture. We can also enjoy seeing the buildings of old Edo Period. Unomachi Coffee is a popular cafe in Okayama, then it has come to Imai! The fruit changes every season, and they offer many other menus. I like its interiors, too.

Unomachi Coffee is a popular cafe in Okayama Prefecture. And its new branch opened in Nara last year. Cream Brulee Parfait (700 yen) uses strawberry now from winter to the early spring.


Nice Book Cafe

The second shop of a popular book cafe in Okayama has opened in Nara, You can feel comfortable in a good-old atmosphere of a traditional Japanese house. Their two-tone lassie is beautiful.


Fluffy shaved ice of Houseki-bako, makes me want to eat even in winter. This picture is their 'Nara Ichigo Gouri' with so many strawberries.


Decoration latte of Matcha, Sencha, and Houjicha. These teas are made in genuine method, and have strong tastes of teas in sweetness.

4Mamejika Shokudo

'Mamejika Soft' and 'Torii Air Soft'. The deer is so cute, isn't it? Torii Sable (shortbread) is good for souvenir!


In the site of a popular café 'Nanatsumori' in Nara, okashiya kiiro sells 'OYAMUFFIN' that is named the same as mountains in Nara. They are photogenic, and also very delicious!◎It's sold at a confectionary shop of Nanatsumori. They use Nara's maccha for Mt.Wakakusa, and Nara's strawberry for Mt.Yamatokatsuragi, so they are particular about the materials. You can buy them at some events.

NANATSUMORI is a well-known cafe in Nara. There's a small baked cake shop in the same site, and they offer the muffins named after the mountains in Nara. It's excellent for also gift very much.

6Moko Moko


Toast With Fluffy Texture

Bread made without water nor eggs. It has fluffy texture, moderate elasticity, and a little sweetness. You can enjoy its taste by even simple toast with butter.

7Nara's Food Festival C' festa

C' festa is a gourmet event held at Nara Park and Umami Kyuryo Park. The local foodstuffs and popular restaurants get together here!

8Purin-no Mori

A building like a picture book world. I found an Instagenic cafe in Nara. I like its melting soft pudding very much, and also delicious pudding soft serve ice cream.

9niko and … Nara Family

Nikopan, a roll of 'niko and…COFFEE' managed by 'niko and…', has lovely four-sided roll. For the ingredients put after ordered, it's fresh, soft and delicious♡ In Kansai region, you can eat it only here!◎Nikopan was born in Nara and became popular, then spreads other places. The original roll baked by a baker in Shizuoka is soft and delicious as well as lovely.

10SOZAI Bar & Fresh Juice

They select strictly the foodstuffs, use many vegetables and fruits for the original smoothies, which are best-seller. The cafe has chic outside associates European countries in the Middle Ages.