Motoyakushi-ji Temple Site

Motoyakushi-ji Temple Site is one of the best places to travel in Kashihara, Kidono Prefecture, Japan.  Here're guides for opening hours, access, map, spots nearby, reviews and photos of Motoyakushi-ji Temple Site posted by Japanese travelers in the know.

Motoyakushi-ji Temple Site 5 Reviews

Water hyacinth becomes its best to see from the late August to September. It's not a popular flower, but has an attraction makes people want to see again next year! It's nice to see with the setting sun, too! ◎Walk 500 meters to the east from Kintetsu Unebigoryomae Station. For cars, the free parking area is available, but it's possible to be full.

Moto Yakusiji Temple Site in Nara Prefecture is famous for the heavy growth of water hyacinth. As many as 14 thousand water hyacinth bloom beautifully in summer. The scenery of Mt. Unebi, one of the three scenic Yamato Mountains, and water hyacinth is breathtakingly beautiful. It's worth while seeing in Japan.

About 400 thousand pale purple flowers are spreading all over the paddy field, and its scenery is very beautiful. The best season to see these water hyacinth is from the late August to the late September!

At the end of summer, we can see water hyacinth spreading to the pond at Motoyakushi-ji Site in Kashihara, Kyoto. I like this collaboration of sunset and flowers. Please visit here.

Motoyakushi-ji Temple Site in Nara has water hyacinth from the late August to the late September. The white flowers like pale purple are very lovely.