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I travel to the popular tourist spots and little known places mainly in Kansai Region.

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150 Thousand Sunflowers Under The Midsummer Sky

Umami Kyuryo Park has seasonal flowers all around a year, and now, 150 thousand sunflowers are becoming at their best to see in five areas. Under the midsummer sky, we can enjoy refreshing scenery of sunflowers and nature around them at each area.


Impressive Scenery Of Rias Coast Folding Over The Blue Sea

We can see the impressive view of Ago Bay with sixty small islands and many pearl-nursery rafts folding over the sea. There's a photogenic contrast of blue sea and green land, we can have a refreshing feeling very much!


Exploding! Otherworldly Inside Of Tower Of The Sun

Tower Of The Sun designed by Taro Okamoto is famous very much, and it's been possible for visitors to look inside of it since 2018. It's so impressive that we can never expect, like 3D animation or another dimension! Though we can take photos from only the first floor, there's a wonderful scenery when you look down from above. It's a great art that we must see once.


Scenery Of Colorful Tulip

There7re various kinds of 110 thousand colorful tulips! It's very impressive scenery! We all get excited with this beautiful carpet.


Amazing! So Magnificent Springtime Scenery

The magnificent flower fields of canola flower, cherry blossom, and beautiful sky! When all of the three appears at the same time, we can see a photogenic harmony of springtime.


Gorgeous Scenery Of Early Cherry Blossom & Red Fences Around The Shrine

Kurumazaki Shrine is famous as a spiritual power spots for people in the world of entertainment. We can see the photogenic scenery of early cherry blossoms and red fences around the shrine. Some people enjoyed to find names of entertainers on the fences.


Fairy-Tale Scenery Of Japanese Venezia

About 230 Funaya (a house above a boat garage) floating on the sea, and its scenery is like a world of a good-old Japanese fairy tale. If the weather is good, the water's expressions changing into blue or emerald green, and the reflections of funaya on the water, are photogenic so much.


Mysterious Greenish-Blue Pond Never Be Frozen In Freezing Winter

When Ainu people found this greenish-blue pond, they thought it was a present from God because of its beauty. It never be frozen even in winter, and it's like a jewel looks more mysterious in snow.


Moving Scenery From The Sky! Mt. Fuji And The First Sunrise Of The Year

First Sunrise Mt. Fuji Flight circles closer to the mountain than the ordinary flights. The weather was so good, and I was very impressed with Mt. Fuji on the wonderful sea of clouds and the heavenly sunrise!


Lovely & Delicious♡ Halloween Afternoon Tea

Conrad Osaka 40 SkyBar & Lounge is very photogenic, and also their sweets are delicious! I like this lovely appearance of Halloween Afternoon Tea. The ordinary one, spiral afternoon tea is also my favorite.