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Daffodil's Yellow Carpet

At Biwako Valley in Shiga, 300 thousand flowers of daffodils are now in full-bloom. That's the largest scale of Kansai Region! What's more, we can enjoy photogenic spots in Biwako Valley and Terrace.


Double Cherry Blossom Trees Lined As Long As 4 Kilometers

Near Obuse Bridge, on the bank of Chikuma River, there's a place called 'Sakura Zutsumi', and has 600 trees of double cherry blossom 'Ichiyo' planted as long as 4 kilometers away. They become the best to see during the Golden Week Holidays in May.


Great Buddha Statue With Sunglasses, Taking Cherry-Blossom Bath In Spring

A Great Buddha Statue in Konan, Aichi. To be surprised, it's bigger than Nara's Great Buddha Statue! We can see it wearing sunglasses of traffic lights, and taking a cherry-blossom bath in spring. It's a little-known spot!


Beautiful Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Over The Tunnel

It's a well-known place where we can see cherry blossoms over the tunnel. When you get out of the tunnel, there're wonderful Kawazu cherry blossom trees. Bikes and cars run as usual, so please take them into consideration.


Midwinter Scene! Snow Monkeys Taking Onsen

Though in the severe environment covered with snow almost one third of a year, there's a group of Japanese Monkey living here. In winter, tourist can see these snow monkeys taking onsen hot spring. There's a onsen town near here, you can enjoy traveling, too.


The Fantastic Scenery Enchanted By Autumn Colors & Ray Of Light

Okuni Shrine is a famous spot to see autumn colors in Shizuoka. Its highlight is the ray of light falling to the bridge. It appears at 8:30 in the morning. Many people come and fill up the place to take pictures, so it's better for you to go earlier than the morning sun rises!


Iwaya-do Shrine & Autumn Leaves Reflected On The River Surface

From November 10th to 18th, we can enjoy illuminations here. There're beautiful nature, such as Iwaya-do Shrine made up by a natural huge stone, and some waterfalls. They're illuminated and reflected beautifully on the river surface.


A Grassland Covered With Susuki Pampas Grass

Soni Kogen Highland is covered completely with Japanese pampas grass (susuki). The ears of pampas grass shines fantastically in the evening glow, and many tourist come to see this scenery every year.


Mystic Illumination As A Fusion Of History & Art Of Lights

Tada Taisha is familiar to people by the nickname of Otaga-san. The illumination event called 'Kami Akari' is held from 9/29-11/30 in 2018. And the special day is from 9/29-10/8, we can see small stone lights and laser beams during the special day. Other four neighboring shrines have illuminations till November 30th.


Kyoto's Oldest Zen Temple With Many Things To See

Built in Kamakura Period (1202), Kennin-ji Temple has a holding screen printing of Wind God and Thunder God Screens, and Painting of Two Dragons, and Karesansui Garden called Cho'on Tei. If you're lucky, you may see the screen painting over this papered sliding door.