Best Tourist Spots In Tokyo

Here're best Tourist Spots in Tokyo. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Tokyo.

Best Tourist Spots In Tokyo [1-10]


Mori Building Digital Art Museum: EPSON team Lab Borderless


Beautiful World Of Digital Art

On June 21st in 2018, Digital Art Museum opened at Odaiba, Tokyo. There's various art occupying every room, and it's completely another world. It must become a popular tourist spot in Tokyo.


Like A World Of Rapunzel

The room with many flying lanterns is like a world of Rapunzel. There're various digital arts that make both grown-ups and children excited.


Artistic If You Cut Out Anywhere! Rooms Excellent For Photos At All

In the site, there're no maps nor guides, you need to walk and find various rooms by yourselves. In some rooms with different concepts, you can take pictures as much as you want!


Senso-ji Temple


Temple & Town Excellent With Kimono Dress

Asakusa is excellent with Kimono, Japanese traditional dress. Kimono looks beautiful at Senso-ji Temple and Edo-machi around it. In the season of New Year Days, Nakamise-dori is decorated with New Year ornaments, and we can enjoy happier atmosphere than usual.


Consecutive More Than 300 Years Since Edo Period. 'Toshino Ichi' Fair At The End Of The Year For Gorgeous Hagoita

The annual event held as a last fair of the year (in 2016, 3days on 12/17,18,19) at the site of Senso-ji Temple. People buy this gorgeous Oshie Hagoita for good health and fortune of the next year, and for talisman. Very crowded every year.


Senso-ji Temple Is Not Only The Lantern! A Huge Straw Sandals At Hozomon Arch

Senso-ji Temple becomes so quiet and wrapped in a nice atmosphere at night, that the excitement of the daytime at Nakamise is not true. I found a very beautiful five-storied pagoda over the huge straw sandals at Hozomon Arch.◎A huge straw sandal is 4.5 meters tall, 1.5 meters in width, and 500 kg in weight. Since the first dedication in 1941, it's the eighth one. It expresses the power of Nio, the god in Hozomon Arch, and people say that the devil who sees the huge sandals fears and goes away...


Showa Kinen Park


Beautiful Attractions Throughout Autumn At A Largest Park In Tokyo

Showa Kinen Park is located in Tokyo though, it's far larger than Disney Land! In autumn, we can enjoy autumn blessing so much, such as cosmos blooming on a hill and fall foliage at a Japanese garden. ◎You can walk from Tachikawa Station, but Cosmos Hill and Japanese Garden is toll area far from Tachikawa Station. It's better for you to take a bus from Tachikawa Station to Showa Kinen Park Sunagawa Gate.


Aqua Park Shinagawa


An Active Space You Can Feel Close To The Unique Animals

A tunnel under the sea where a manta and a ray swim unhurriedly. Expressive seals, Madagascar day gecko with pretty little gestures and so on. You can see close to these unique animals


Powerful and Fantastic Dolphin Performance

Using sounds, lights, and water curtain, the dolphin performance will attract you without fail.


Summer Festival Stage Of Fantastic Dolphin Performance

The dolphins dance with the images, installations and projection mapping created by NAKED (Japanese creative agency). The performance is worth seeing.


Roppongi Hills Observatory (Tokyo City View & Sky Deck)


Art By The Name Of City. Night View Of Tokyo Seen From The Highest Observatory In Japan

Symbols of a capital city, Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree of course, if the weather is good, even Mt.Fuji can be seen from this open-air observatory. Enjoy the shining night view and sky in Tokyo.


Dramatically Beautiful Place For The Urban Sunset View

Roppongi Hills Sky Deck is the highest open-air observation place in Japan. From the observatory with cool heliport we often see in TV, you can enjoy the scenery of urban sunset that dyes the city orange.◎Entrance fee: inside observatory 1800yen, and you need extra fee 500yen to the open-air observatory (Sky Deck). You can buy 300yen discount ticket at convenient stores.


Tokyo Night View From Roppongi Hills

You can look down the night view of Metropolitan area such as Tokyo Tower from Roppongi Hills Observatory City View. You must be moved by this scenery!


A Little Known Shooting Spot For Tokyo Tower

Though Tokyo Tower is beautiful from every angles, I like this picture with unique atmosphere took at the parking area nearby. The parking area is located just near the entrance of 'Ukai', a kaisei restaurant of tofu.


Tokyo Tower & Laser Beams

It's a famous night-view photo spot of Tokyo Tower and car's laser beams. I often see the collaboration of these two but hadn't seen the pics with cars, so I tried to take cars into my pics! We need to be careful about other people around us while we take pictures because it's a sidewalk.


Always Beautiful, The Symbol Tower of Japan

Tokyo Skytree opened but I think that the Tokyo tower is the symbol tower of Japan even now. It is still beautiful and brilliant and attract tourists now.


Meguro Gajoen


Illumination Of Japanese Ultimate Beauty

As many as 100 pieces of art, while you walk along the 100 steps. Taking off your shoes, you can feel relaxed and appreciate the arts.


So Gorgeous! A Great Modern Architecture With Golden Decorations

Just near Meguro Station! Like a Ryugu Castle (a gorgeous castle at the bottom of the sea in the world of Japanese fantasy). As soon as you come into the inside, you would be impressed with the gorgeous decorations and magnificent existence. Free shuttle bus in every 20 minutes is available from JR or Tokyu Meguro Station. Map:


Absolutely Gorgeous Ceiling Paintings & Interiors Lightened In Japanese Mood

Hyakudan-kaidan' (one hundred steps) is a wooden architecture and a tangible cultural property of Tokyo. It was built in the beginning of Showa era as a banquet room. The interiors of the seven Japanese rooms are worth seeing! During summer, the collaboration exhibition with lights like Japanese festivals and artistic lights wins popularity. Some people wear yukata, summer kimono, and enjoy it.


Art Aquarium Whose Concept Is 'The Sea God's Palace'

The summer art event in Nihombashi is 'Art Aquarium' of goldfish. In 2017, the concept is 'The Sea God's Palace' and you can enjoy the gorgeous arts of goldfish. I was totally surprised at the coolness of Edo Tokyo in present-day.◎2017/7/7-9/24 Art Aquarium 11:00-19:00 Night Aquarium 19:00-23:30 Entrance fee: 1000yen


Art Of Goldfish, Light And Water

Anyway, it's an artistic room. A modern art of light, music and goldfish. Though they're exhibited at only a large room and a passage, you can enjoy the art enough.


To Admire The Beauty Of Goldfish. The Extraordinary Room Of Lights & Water The Artists Created

Only in summer at Nihombashi, Art Aquarium make its appearance. Specializing on goldfish, many artistic aquariums to evoke the Japanese spirit get together. 'The superb beauty and experience of underwater' that presented by pioneers of water-art, shouldn't be missed.


An Urban Oasis In Harajuku

Though Meiji Shrine is located near Harajuku Station, it's wrapped in a stillness and lush greens. When I visited here in the evening, the sun light came into the huge Torii Arch and showed the fantastic scenery.


A Spiritual Power Spot Clear Water Flowing Out

It's a well in the Meiji Jingu Shrine's woods in Tokyo. Here's called the first spiritual power spot. If you set a picture of here as a wallpaper of your phone, you may have a divine grace.


A Leafy Shrine As An Oasis In A Big City

The site of 700,000 square meters, so leafy and beautifully keeped shrine that I can forget be in a big city.


The Best Roof Garden To See The Illuminated Tokyo Station

The night look of Tokyo Station is different from the day time. You can see the illuminated awesome Tokyo Station closer from the roof garden of the building 'KITTE'. It opens for free, so you can visit many times to take photos.


A Big Christmas Tree

Christmas tree illumination has just arrived at KITTE this year, too. I can't take my eyes away from a Christmas tree changing its colors by lights.◎It'll be exhibited till December 25th. KITTE is located 1 min walk from Tokyo Station.