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Lunch Of Supreme Edomae Sushi At A Restaurant With Only Six Chairs

Tomidokoro prepares a counter table for only six people. It uses red vinegar for rice and big sea food. What's more, they offer Chu-toro (tuna) and Uni (sea urchin egg) for just about 6000 yen, so booking this restaurant has become more and more difficult these days. Be careful, there's no sign board in front of the restaurant.


Sushi Lunch With A Great View In Awaji Island

Kirin is a sushi restaurant with a great ocean view of Akashi Kaikyo Ohashi Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world. We can enjoy elaborated Edomae Zushi (one of the style of sushi cooking which became popular in old Tokyo) of mainly seafood of Awaji Island. I like their sushi for its size is good for me, and they're excellent with sake drinks. The lunch is only for reservation and two-shift system.


A Scenic Sushi Restaurant Commanding Akashi Strait Bridge

This sushi restaurant has a great panoramic view of Akashi Strait Bridge, the world's longest suspension bridge, spreading over the counter seats. The room, with a wine cellar, is filled in a modern atmosphere. With this great view in front of your eyes, you can have Edomae Zushi of mainly the fish caught in this sea around Awaji Island that is called a treasure house of seafood. The lunch is reservation only, and in 2-shift service.


Excellent Edomae-zushi Restaurant At A Beautiful Italy Town In Tokyo

An excellent sushi restaurant located at beautiful district called Italy Town. It prepares only eight counter seats. I could enjoy eating the genuine Edomae-zushi taken time and effort. They have good service, reasonable price, and a friendly mood.◎Lunch 2800 yen~, dinner 12000 yen~. This sushi chef was kind enough to tell us about Edomae-zushi.


Garden Observatory Commanding The Orange Sunset In A Downtown Of Osaka

Kuchu Teien Observatory is a scenic spot in just 7 min walk from Osaka Station. You can enjoy seeing the wonderful view in daytime, evening and night. I could see the beautiful setting sun this time.◎Admission fees: adult 1000 yen, child 200 yen. The observatory opening hours: 10:00-22:30.


Supreme Bite Size 'Tsukami Zushi' Malting In My Mouth

A historical sushi restaurant of the original 'Tsukami Zushi' made from freshly cooked warm rice and supreme seafood bought in the adjoining market. I love this sushi like malting in my mouth! ◎Their best-seller 'Uwamaze' has five sushi (1050 yen for lunch), and you can order more by five. Every seafood they use is excellent! There're people waiting in a line.


A Secret Hydrangea Road

Shiba Koen is famous as a park commanding a view of Tokyo Tower. At the walking path beside The Prince Park Tower Tokyo in the site of Shiba Park, there're about 200 trees of hydrangea in full-bloom. Few people know this secret hydrangea road!◎Just beside the main entrance gate of The Prince Park Tower Tokyo


Photography Spot To See Tokyo Tower Straight

Shiba Park, with Zojo-ji Temple in its center, is popular as a photography spot to command Tokyo Tower. Especially, from 4th lot, just near Onarimon Station of subway, you can see Tokyo Tower in the straight line from you.◎Just near Onarimon Station of Tokyo Metropolitan Subway


Delicious Sushi Dinner You Can Get Discount By Online Booking

This is a sushi restaurant in a hotel located in Shiba Park commanding Tokyo Tower. They use the fresh and rich seafood such as toro (fatty tuna) and uni (sea urchin egg), and it's the royal road of sushi! I was surprised at the online booking discount for the full-course with a champagne.◎Except for sushi, you can eat sashimi, grilled seafood, and dessert.


Hydrangea Shrine At Tokyo Downtown Colored With 3000 Trees Of Hydrangea

Hakusan Shrine is well-known as a hydrangea shrine in Tokyo downtown. In July, about 3000 trees of hydrangea color the precinct beautifully. You must see the hydrangea-surrounding Komainu (a stone guardian dog)!