Best Tourist Spots In Chuo-ku

Here're best Tourist Spots in Chuo-ku, Tokyo. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Chuo-ku.

Best Tourist Spots In Chuo-ku [1-9]


Art Aquarium Whose Concept Is 'The Sea God's Palace'

The summer art event in Nihombashi is 'Art Aquarium' of goldfish. In 2017, the concept is 'The Sea God's Palace' and you can enjoy the gorgeous arts of goldfish. I was totally surprised at the coolness of Edo Tokyo in present-day.◎2017/7/7-9/24 Art Aquarium 11:00-19:00 Night Aquarium 19:00-23:30 Entrance fee: 1000yen


Art Of Goldfish, Light And Water

Anyway, it's an artistic room. A modern art of light, music and goldfish. Though they're exhibited at only a large room and a passage, you can enjoy the art enough.


To Admire The Beauty Of Goldfish. The Extraordinary Room Of Lights & Water The Artists Created

Only in summer at Nihombashi, Art Aquarium make its appearance. Specializing on goldfish, many artistic aquariums to evoke the Japanese spirit get together. 'The superb beauty and experience of underwater' that presented by pioneers of water-art, shouldn't be missed.


Kabukiza Tour


A Calm And Lush Japanese Garden You Can Walk Around

Watching kabuki and a beautiful garden make me feel healed.


A Landmark Succeeds Kabuki Traditions

It's the new landmark in Ginza that succeeds the kabuki traditions such as colors, designs and architects. Cool building based on tones of white, isn't it?


A Kabuki Theater

The fifth term of kabuki-za. With kabuki-za tower, and Kobiki-cho open space, it getting more and more flourish.


Cool Giraffe

A legendary animal like a giraffe. It doesn't have wings, but the designer made it as an image of leaping from Nihonbashi. By the way, what a cool giraffe it is.


Tokyu Plaza Ginza


Unexpected Photogenic Spot In Ginza, Tokyo

At a passage connecting Ginza Station and a gate for Tokyu Plaza Ginza, there's a fashionable ceiling with Edokiriko (Tokyo's traditional glass products) patterns as its motif. The passage looks ordinary though, it's unexpectedly photogenic in the picture. Why don't you drop by?


Koami Jinja Shrine


Round & Cute♪ 'Mayudama' Oracle In A Real Cocoon

Koami Jinja is a small shrine standing at a business district in Tokyo. And its omikuji (oracle) in a real cocoon is famous. If you get one, you may be able to get a long good relationships like a thread!


Like Time Travel To Old Tokyo? The Healing Cool Sounds Of Edo Period

The limited exhibition of ECO EDO 2018 Nihonbashi. Japanese traditional sounds of wind bell, and the projection mapping and sounds of firework on the street at night. They're something to heal us in hot summer.


Hama-rikyu Onsi Teien Garden


A Metropolitan Big Garden In Tokyo! A Beautiful Urban Oasis

Hama-rikyu Onsi Garden was used for the detached castle of Edo castle. It's very close to the office buildings in Shiodome. And you can enjoy the contract of the garden and high buildings standing behind.


Mitsuisumitomo Bank Nihonbashi Store


A Building Registered As An Important Cultural Asset

It's like a temple in Greek. Its imposing mood is nice with the town atmosphere in Nihonbashi.