Art Aquarium

Art Aquarium is one of the best places to travel in Nihombashi, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan. It's a fantastic art of goldfish exhibition. Here're guides for map, how to get there, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Art Aquarium posted by Japanese travelers in the know.

Art Aquarium 6 Reviews

The summer art event in Nihombashi is 'Art Aquarium' of goldfish. In 2017, the concept is 'The Sea God's Palace' and you can enjoy the gorgeous arts of goldfish. I was totally surprised at the coolness of Edo Tokyo in present-day.◎2017/7/7-9/24 Art Aquarium 11:00-19:00 Night Aquarium 19:00-23:30 Entrance fee: 1000yen

Anyway, it's an artistic room. A modern art of light, music and goldfish. Though they're exhibited at only a large room and a passage, you can enjoy the art enough.

Only in summer at Nihombashi, Art Aquarium make its appearance. Specializing on goldfish, many artistic aquariums to evoke the Japanese spirit get together. 'The superb beauty and experience of underwater' that presented by pioneers of water-art, shouldn't be missed.

Goldfish exhibition you can enjoy with five senses is like an art. I had an impressive experience that stay my mind forever.

I visited Art Aquarium at COREDO Muromachi, which I came every year. Goldfish are exhibited very beautifully. They are swimming very elegantly, and fantastically.

Many various goldfish are exhibited each aquarium. Each of them shows us the features of the goldfish. And I could feel relaxed very much and wanted to be here more. It opens till 9/23, why don't you visit!