Gotoku-ji Temple

Gotokuji Temple (豪徳寺) is one of the best places to travel in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan. Here's guide for map, how to get there, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Gotokuji posted by Japanese travelers know it very well. [last modified: ]

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Cats! Cats! And More Cats! A Temple As A Birthplace Of Beckoning Cat

Gotokuji Temple is known as a birthplace of Beckoning Cat (Maneki-neko: cat ornament able to bring good lucks together). There're so many Beckoning Cats that had brought lucks and been dedicated back to the temple. I wonder how many lucks they brought! I think I can receive a share of happiness, and it's a must see spot for cat-loving people.◎You can buy Beckoning Cat at a temple office (9:00-17:00). And you're lucky if you can ride or see the Beckoning Cat Train of Tokyu Setagaya Line (nearest station: Miyanosaka), because there's only one train with a illustration of cat.


Happiness Come-Meow! A Temple Filled With Beckoning Cats

Located at Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Gotoku-ji Temple is very famous as an origination of Beckoning Cat (Maneki-neko). In the dedication hall where cats has called happiness get together, is filled up with spiritual happy power. Cat-lovers must visit, meow!◎Access: 5min walk from Miyanosaka Station of Setagaya Line. Or, 15min walk from Gotokuji Station of Odakyu Line


Amazing Scene Of Many Beckoning Cat Calling Happiness

Gotokuji Temple, an originator of Beckoning Cat (Maneki Neko), has amazing scene of more than one thousand cats in various sizes! And it's also Hikone Clan's (old name of Shiga prefecture) Ii family temple. It's because Hikone has a cat character 'Hiko-nyan'.