Best Tourist Spots In Chiyoda-ku

Here're best Tourist Spots in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Chiyoda-ku.

Best Tourist Spots In Chiyoda-ku [1-7]


The Best Roof Garden To See The Illuminated Tokyo Station

The night look of Tokyo Station is different from the day time. You can see the illuminated awesome Tokyo Station closer from the roof garden of the building 'KITTE'. It opens for free, so you can visit many times to take photos.


A Big Christmas Tree

Christmas tree illumination has just arrived at KITTE this year, too. I can't take my eyes away from a Christmas tree changing its colors by lights.◎It'll be exhibited till December 25th. KITTE is located 1 min walk from Tokyo Station.


Tokyo International Forum


Spacious Stairwell Where The Sunlight Comes Down Like A Huge Glass Ship

Tokyo International Forum is just near Yurakucho Station. Various concert is held everyday, and you can enter the Glass Building without constraint because it's free. What's more, it's inside the building, you can enjoy it even on rainy days.


Cool Night View Of Iron Frameworks & Glass

In the daytime, the sunlight comes in beautifully from the glass. And in the night, we can take very cool photos like these. The scenery born from the iron frameworks and glass is worth seeing once.


Tokyo Station


Breathtakingly Beautiful Reflection Of Tokyo Station Only After The Rain

This is a reflection of Tokyo Station that appears on only rainy days. Looking into the pools, there's the fantastic scenery like another country. People who have cameras, please visit Tokyo Station to take pictures of the reflections.◎You can take pictures like this at night after the rain. The pictures change as the location and size of the pool, so it depends on your fortunes. But even the small pools can reflect the beautiful scenery.


Imperial Palace


Special Cherry Blossoms At Inui-dori Street In The Imperial Palace, You Can't See Usually

People usually can't enter this area called Inui-dori Street in the Imperial Palace. But, spring of cherry blossom and autumn of colored leaves are exceptions! It has opened to public since 2014, and then, almost every year. ◎Enter from Sakashita-mon Gate, pass through Imperial Household Agency building, and walk along Inui Street. There're no parking areas, so you should use the public transportation. Every year, many people visit here, so you probably can't take pictures like this (because I took these pics from the head of crowded line!). You need to undergo a security check, it's better to go with minimum baggage. This special open is also a chance to see the site of Edo Castle you can't see generally.


A Scene Of Guarding

I chanced to see a scene of cool police guard. White motorbikes looked nice that were running in front of the Imperial Palace.


A Stone Bridge With A Beautiful Arch In The Imperial Palace's Main Gate

In the contrast with a iron bridge, the beautiful arched stone bridge has a retro atmosphere.


Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum


A Fascinating Open Space Hiding Among the Buildings

It is the beautiful English garden harmonizing with an art museum. You can have a good lunch time in the open air café of Marunouchi Brick Square.


A Diet Building Called A White-Walled Palace

The center of the government in Japan. It's a very strict building that is called a white-walled palace.


Chidorigafuchi Ryokudo Path


Beautiful Chidorigafuchi Moat Dyed Cherry Blossom Color

Chidorigafuchi Moat is a popular tourist spot in springtime, so it gets very crowded, but you can see cherry blossom leisurely while walking along the path. What's more, we can enjoy seeing flowers from the boat on the moat. The cherry blossoms are lighted up during its season.