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Lovely Cosmos And Train Tracks

Sanuki City, Kanzaki Area has cosmos fields in places. One of them is called 'Cosmos Field In Front Of Yoshida Family's House'. It's not so large but we can see the cosmos and trains together. ◎No parking area. It's located near a popular udon noodle restaurant 'Maharo', cross a bridge and find it between fields.


Cosmos Fields Color The Peaceful Landscape With Pink

Kanzaki Area, belongs to Sanuki city Kagawa Prefecture, has planted cosmos, and we can see cosmos fields here and there in this town. The cosmos field beside Noma Pond is the largest among the others, we can meet the peaceful and photogenic landscape.◎There's an area to park cars. Cosmos becomes in its best in the early half of November. Though there's no sign, it's located southeast of Noma Pond, and you can find it soon.


Beautiful Sweets In The Showcase

Shinagawa Prince Hotel's buffet is one of the most crowded one in Tokyo downtown. Various kinds and also beautiful sweets are displayed in the showcase. Ice cream, cakes and chocolate fountain!


Gorgeous Dinner Buffet At Shinagawa Prince Hotel

Buffet of Shinagawa Prince Hotel is one of the most crowded one in Tokyo. In a resort-like room, we can enjoy so many dishes that we can't eat all, such as gorgeous tuna sushi, crab, roast beef. I can't decide what to eat among so many delicious foods.◎It's better for you to book tables by the internet beforehand.


Cosmos Blooming At Manno Park Enjoyable With All Of Your Families

There're some cosmos fields at the 350 ha site, 13 times as large as Tokyo Dome. You can see the beautiful yellow cosmos planted on the way to a tea house Chikuhu-an from the entrance square, and take pictures of colorful cosmos planted around the lawn area.◎Autumn colored kochia at the same time of cosmos is also must-see. Manno Park has various event on weekends in autumn, so you can enjoy it with all of your families. Admission fees and parking fees are needed.


4000 Trees Of Lumpy And Fluffy Kochia In Autumn Color

Sanuki Manno Park is a famous site of Kochia in Kagawa Prefecture. You can see as many as 4000 lumpy and fluffy Kochia that turned in autumn color from the middle of October to the late November.


Flower Forest With So Many Various Flowers In The Whole Room Even Its Floor

Like world in dream, there're many seasonal flowers anywhere in the whole room, as well as its floor. We can feel no borders, and the seasons mix each other. Then, we can enjoy new world of flower that changes every moment wherever we walk around.


Interactive Art Enjoyable Like Children

It's located at Athletics Forest area. There're some objects lights in seven colors and dots the room like against gravity. We can enjoy moving and holding up the objects. Everyone, as well as small children, get excited with this art.


The Illumination Makes Us Feel The Change Of Four Seasons

It makes us feel the change of four seasons in nature. Many circles become canvas, and fish swim on, autumn colored leaves flit on them. The fluid direction was beautiful and, somehow, people can feel relieved in this room.


Beautiful Crystal World Formed From Masses Of LED

In a room walled by mirrors all around, there's a crystal world formed from countless LED lighting in many colors. Although we know it has a limit, the beautiful room expands like border-less, and we can enjoy so impressive digital art.◎It is recommended to buy tickets on the Internet in advance.