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Tokyo Camii is said to be the largest mosque (Islamic chapel) in Japan. There're colors and gorgeous designs of foreign architecture that we rarely see in Japan. It's beautiful and sacred, and you can experience the exotic atmosphere.
Nishiyama Farm offers the experience of picking seasonal fruit. You can enjoy all-you-can-eat peach from the early July to the early September. You can eat well-chilled and fully ripened sweet peach as many as you want! I like also the outside eat-area, which is photogenic and lovely.
Man'no, known as a sunflower town, has sunflower fields here and there in the town from the early July. Nakayama Area is one of the most beautiful, and you can see the shining landscape like yellow carpet from the high position.
Man'no-cho is famous for the sunflower cultivated with all the town force. From the beginning to the middle of July, you can see the beautiful yellow landscape of 22 ha and 1 million sunflowers. Honoyama Area is located in its central.