Best Restaurants In Tokyo

Here're best Restaurants in Tokyo. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Tokyo.

Best Restaurants In Tokyo [1-10]

1The Little Bakery Tokyo

These big puddings has funny texture of popping vanilla beans! The rich taste of egg is excellent with whip cream. It's delicious so much! The whole shop is photogenic and lovely. This is my favorite shop!

We often see the pictures of the fashionable wallpaper and mirror in SNS. It's not only fashionable, but also its bread and custard pudding are delicious of course! I feel like to be in a foreign interior shop.

Many chic breads in the airy shop. It's nice to eat here, or you can bring them out of course. They offer the pudding on a plate, and put fresh cream for about 50 yen.

2Twenty Eight

Started from 1/16, Strawberry Rouge Afternoon Tea at a hotel lounge. All of you will get excited with the sophisticated sweets and savories (savory: not sweet snack to eat between sweets)!

Afternoon tea with Halloween sweets and savories. This years theme is 'Haunted Manner - Ghost House -'. Foods for grown-ups and your favorite tea with Halloween style Conrad Bear. You can enjoy early Halloween party!

Located at 28th floor of Conrad Tokyo, it has a great view of Odaiba and Hamarikyu Gardens. I recommend you to visit here on weekdays for you can take a good deal and there're some vacant seats. I could feel relaxed leisurely and forget daily life.


The citrus sweets made elaborately one by one. Some cakes taste refreshing, and others taste rich with cream cheese and nuts, so we can eat all of them without being tired of the tastes. The all-you-can-drink tea is served in cup, not in pot, so as to drink various kinds of tea.

4Asakusa Yorozu Chaya 444

We can eat parfait, shaved ice and pan cakes with seasonal high quality fruit. In this season, you should eat strawberry-comparison parfait with some kinds of strawberry. This photo is Christmas version.

Watermelon and melon's special shaved ice that we can decide how many layers we want. We ordered three-layer, they offered four-layer one because they made us wait. The appearance was impressive of course, and also the delicious fruit that had matured to the best time to eat surprised us with the deliciousness!


A little hard pudding with rich egg taste, poured much of caramel burned to a good bitterness, is very delicious! What's more, the red cherry on it makes a retro and classic mood.

4/4 SEASONS COFFEE's classic pudding sold from 12:00 and prepared limited number, has moderate hardness and good balance with caramel sauce. It's so delicious that you can't satisfied with other custard pudding on sale. Of course, it's excellent with coffee.

6Lounge & Dining G

At Lounge & Dining G of TOKYO MARRIOTT HOTEL, I ate lunch in a three-tiered box sale only for cherry blossom season. The blossoms had started to fall when I visited, but we can usually have lunch with the gorgeous view. It has sufficient amount and various seasonal tastes very much.

'Floral Afternoon Tea' is collaborated with 'SWATi', a flagrance body care bland. It's a beautiful afternoon tea filled with humor of SWATi and ideas of a chef, such as sweets with bee-motif and big flower.

TOKYO MARRIOTT HOTEL offers 'Floral Afternoon Tea' till 6/30. Sweets collaborated with fragrance bland 'SWATi' and other ones with many herbs and edible flowers make us entertain with their lovely appearances.

7Atrium Lounge

Strawberry jewels excites us as soon as we see them. It's a dream-like afternoon tea we can enjoy rare foodstuffs such as ruby chocolate and white strawberry.

8PARIYA Nihonbashi

PARIYA’s sponge cake has soft dough and many strawberries. The appearance is cute and also the taste is good. We can eat box meal in the shop and take drink for free. It's directly connected with Nihonbashi station.


A limited-open cafe designed by Japanese actress Mari Natsuki. It opened till September 17th. The beverages and interiors whose colors are based on green, make us feel cooler.

10And People Ginza


Fantastic And Lovely Cafe

The another world as soon as I come out of the elevator! And the fantastic room starts after we open the door to the floor. They prepare various cafe menus, and also we can enjoy unusual room with projection mapping and leisurely sofas.