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I like traveling and camera, and my fortes are flowers and cafes. Mainly Kansai Region, I want to introduce some nice places all around Japan.


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Yume Cosmos Garden, at Kameoka in Kyoto, has 20 kinds and 8 million cosmos in its best season. You can see the cosmos in color we can rarely see at other places!
Enman-ji Temple is located on the upward of the slope behind Dogo Onsen, and famous for the colorful wishing-balls. If you hold the wishing-ball on your palm and wish good relationship with others, then it may come true. The temple has been well-known as a lovely spiritual power spot since it appeared in SNS.
There're some buckwheat fields dotted at Kasa area of Sakurai city, Nara Prefecture. I set 'Kasa Soba Restaurant (4408 Kasa Sakurai-shi, Nara)' in car navigation system, then I could see many buckwheat flower fields on the way. The best season to see them is from middle of September to the end of the month.
The sunflower field itself is of course attractive, but in addition, you can enjoy Sunflower Tunnel people can walk through, and the collaboration with Shinkansen Super Express. They're worth taking pictures. It's possible to take Doctor Yellow (a rare train running to check the Shinkansen tracks) in your pictures!
The site of sunflowers in the expansive field is very impressive. The sunflowers bloom at 6 places in different times, we can enjoy the flowers for as long as 1 month.
The blue color of its best-seller drink 'tonic soda' is excellent with the scenery of Lake Biwa and the clear sky. The private-seat requires the fee, you can have the scenery all to yourself.
An observatory built lately in the site of Hakodateyama Lily Park. You can sit the steps and enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Biwa. Also, it's a photogenic place you can take pictures of you having the beautiful view all to yourself.
A very crowded cafe located walkable area from Uno Port in Okayama. I like their parfait makes us take pictures of course, and I want to come to eat its seasonal fruit mixed with sweet and bitter creme brulee again and again.