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I like traveling and camera, and my fortes are flowers and cafes. Mainly Kansai Region, I want to introduce some nice places all around Japan.

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Seasonal Flower Field

Nagai Botanical Garden has various seasonal plants, though it's located in Osaka city. The best season is May. We can enjoy various flowers such as poppy, rose, and nemophila.


Weeping Cherry Blossom Standing Against The Background Of Magnificent Building

Three weeping cherry blossom trees in the site of Tenri Religion Main Office. With the grand building, they emit an original and special beautiful atmosphere.


Curry And Seasonal Dessert To Enjoy At An Good-Old Cafe

OXYMORON is a popular cafe at Kitahama, a hotspot for fashionable cafes. We'll feel comfortable at the inside renovated from an old house, and enjoy the outside view from the big widows. I like their curry and dessert. Specially, as for dessert, there're many kinds, I always puzzle what to choose.


Amazing Scenery Of Over 200 Trees Of Plum Blossoms

We can see more than 200 weeping plum trees gathered from all around Japan. The scenery of full-bloom plum blossom is so beautiful that our image of plum would change.


The Original Scenery Of Japan

Gokayama Ainokura Village has some thatched roof-houses that are called Gassho Zukuri. It's registered as a World Heritage and the landscape from the observatory is just the original one of Japan. The village covered with snow, is breathtakingly beautiful even we see it many times.


Tokyo Sky Tree With Kawazu Zakura Cherry Blossom

Kawazu Zakura (one of the famous kinds of cherry blossom in Japan) bloom around Tokyo Sky Tree from the middle of February to the early May. The trees are not so many though, we can take pictures of cherry blossoms with Sky Tree,


Lighting Amusement Park Only In Winter

A famous and long-established amusement park Hirakata Park. Its pool and skating is popular though, I like its illumination held only in winter. The scenery of glittering amusement park is very fantastic.


Fantastic Illuminations Surrounding Tokyo Tower

The illuminations associated with SNOW&BLUE light the 400 meters Kayaki-zaka Street, and make a fantastic mood. You can see Tokyo Tower over the illumination, and it beautifully looks like being surrounded with lights.


The Night View Behind 1 Million Cosmos

Washigamine Mountain is 586.2 meters high. Its observatory commands the whole view of Wakayama city. In autumn, we can enjoy cosmos fields, and take pictures of cosmos and night view together.


Colorful Balloons Flying To The Great Sky

Saga International Balloon Fiesta is the biggest event in Asia that over 100 balloons get together from around the world. The moment of colorful balloons starting to take off all together is so impressive.◎The competitions are held two times a day, morning and noon, and the morning is better. The wind is weaker and has high probability that the competition is held. In addition, we can take pictures of the morning glow and balloons together.