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The most famous thing in Nikko Toshogu Shrine is this Yōmei-mon Arch. It's resistered as a world heritage. This Yomeimon gate has an Edo period architectural style, crafts, sculptures, paintings, and all of the cultures of this age.  

The central town of Takayama, located at Hida Region of Japan, had been developed as a castle town and business town since Edo Period. There're many wooden houses, and we can enjoy good-old atmosphere. Here in Sanmachi Street, tourist enjoy food, sake, local handiworks, and so on.

A shrine in Kumamoto, which has become famous secretly as a spiritual power spot. There's some mysterious atmosphere that I can't describe well. I could see very beautiful and tranquil scenery.

It's an area called Social Galaxy located at the fourth floor of Galaxy Harajuku. The photos of my Instagram image on the curved displays! We can have an exciting experience which we can have only here. Anyone can enter without any entrance fees.

Yachiyoza is a very valuable building that still has the style in Edo period and is recognized as a National Important Cultural Property. As we come inside, the scenery is very awesome. It's used even now every week, a famous Kabuki actor Ebizō Ichikawa often plays here. If it has not performances on that day, visitors can see inside, and also the dressing room and stage.

Sakura Dori is located just over the pedestrian bridge of the south exit of Shibuya Station. It's a nice place we can enjoy cherry blossom street even in the center of a big city.

Yūtoku Inari Jinja is a big shrine where about three million visitors come in a year, and one of the three biggest Inari Shrines in Japan. The shrine building is as magnificent as famous Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto. It's like a light mountain climbing to go to The Inner Shrine, and there're many torii arches, so we can see the beautiful scenes on the way.

It's one of a few spots to see Mt. Fuji over a torii arch. To take pictures of Mt. Fuji beautifully, winter morning is the best. It's 5 min walk from Fujisan Station, so it's relatively easy to access by public transport.

Hirakata T-SITE just in front of Hirakata Station. Though it's located a little far from famous tourist spots in Osaka, it's must-visit place. There're so many books lined up to the whole surface on the upper shelves that I wonder how I can take that books. There're not only a bookstore, but also a cafe with it, and all of the shops in this building are fashionable.

Asakusa is excellent with Kimono, Japanese traditional dress. Kimono looks beautiful at Senso-ji Temple and Edo-machi around it. In the season of New Year Days, Nakamise-dori is decorated with New Year ornaments, and we can enjoy happier atmosphere than usual.