Whale Watching In Chichijima Island


Whale Watching In Chichijima Island is one of the best places to travel in Ogasawara, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for map, how to get there, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Whale Watching In Chichijima Island posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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Whale Watching Of Dynamic Humpback Whales

You could enjoy a dynamic whale watching on a tour boat leaving Chichi-jima Island. The best season is between February and April.

The Sea Of Ogasawara Islands Doesn't Matter In Which Season You Travel

The beginning of the swimming season in Ogasawara Islands is New Year's Day! Tourists tend to visit the sea only in summer, but you can see the jumping Humpback Whale and other animals from December to May. And even scuba diving and dolphin swim are possible, if you prepare only wet suit!
You can see the jumping Humpback Whale in only winter and spring! To see the ocean animals in these pics, you should take part in the tours of marine-sport shops or diving shops. The boat is small and well waved, so people who feel sick easily like me must take motion sickness pill. Scuba diving require the license, but 'trial diving' doesn't need, so you can enjoy it and learn how to use the devices.



Futami Port Chichijima, ogasawara-mura, tokyo


Tours leaves from Futami Port



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Minamijima Island

100 People Can Enter in A Day! An Island of Rich Nature Floating on the Beautiful Sea

Minami Island is designated as a natural treasure. To save the nature, they control the number of people and time to land. I can't forget the scenery, nothing but a superb view.

Futami Port

Unforgettable Send-off Letting You Want To Come Again

1000km southward from Tokyo, Chichi-jima Island is famous for the send-off of the people living in the island when the visitors go out. Many people waving their hands, boats for send-off, and people diving from the boats… It's a moving scene that makes you want to come here again.

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