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I'm an office worker on weekdays but I want to write about attractions of all over Japan where I've traveled on holidays, and show pictures I took at each place.

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300 Thousand Flowers Of Dogtooth Violet In Spring

A heavy growth of Dogtooth Violet (Katakuri) in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture. It's a small flower though, they warp their petals on sunny warm days, and look like lovely angels! Shiroyama Katakuri-no Sato opens from the second Saturday of March to the third Sunday of April every year. The direct shuttle bus or local bus are available from Hashimoto Station.


Easy To Go By A Ropeway! The World Of Dynamic Snow Rime

Though some people have an dangerous image for Hakkōdasan Mountains in winter, in fact, it's a very scenic place where we can access easily by a ropeway and enjoy seeing the snow rime. If the weather is good, we can see the countless snow rimed trees, Aomori town stretches below, what's more, people who have confidence in one's own abilities, can enjoy mountain skiing!


Ice Bar, Ice Open-Air Bath And Ice House... Nice Ice Village In Midwinter

Shikaribetsu Lake Kotan is an icy village appears only in midwinter on the frozen lake surface. There're bar, open-air bath of ice, and even ice houses! We can enjoy the cold Hokkaido to our hearts' content. You need cars or bus to access here. We stay in the ice house (igloo) in the third pic, and rent sleeping bags and winter outfits, or we can run to the hotel when we're cold. The Milky Way can be seen before dawn in the late February.


Japanese Crane's River Where Bird Watchers In All Over The World Get Together

Tsurui Village is known as a place where Japanese cranes come flying. And at Otowa Bridge, people can watch the lair of cranes living in Setsuri River. Many bird watcher visit here from all over the world to enjoy watching and taking photos.◎You should visit here before the morning sun rises, so need cars to go here by yourself. Or use some package tours. There're spacious parking area, but it'll be full of cars and bus at dawn.


Kiso Roads Are All In The Mountains... Photogenic Houses Along The Slope

Magomejuku is an area flourished as a post-town of Nakasendo Road. There're old houses along the road still now. I tried to take the mountains with houses together in one picture thanks to the houses t\standing on a slope, I could enjoy taking pictures. It's famous as a stage of a novel "Yoake-mae" (Before the Dawn) by Toson Shimazaki, whose beginning is 'Kiso Roads are all in the mountains'.◎Parking area is available. We can use bus from JR Nakatsugawa Station.


Existent Over 100 Years, A Brick Tunnel Built In Meiji Period

Connecting Shizuoka and Fujieda cities, Utsunoya Touge Pass is a great place which brings down all of the roads built from Heian Period (around 794-1190) to the present day. In Meiji Period (1868-1912), a bricks tunnel was built and people wan walk in it even now. You can feel it like time-traveling!◎We can access by bus from Shizuoka Station or Fujieda Station. If you use cars, you can park the road station (Michi-no Eki) nearby.


A Japanese Garden Of Illuminated Autumn Colors, Taking Hikone Castle In One Sight

Genkyu-en is a Daimyo Garden (gardens built by the lords of each region of Japan in Edo Period) belonged to the old Hikone Clan. The scenery of lighted Japanese garden with Hikone Castle, one of the five castles of national treasure, was very fantastic and worth seeing so much.◎15 min walk from Hikone Station. The parking area is available, but the night is dark, so be careful when you park a car.


Trekking And Taking Pictures At Beautiful Autumn Colored Pond

We can aim for the beautiful reflection on Karikomi Pond in the early morning. The lively autumn colors around the pond, and winter mountain presence above it. Though it needs a little walk, you can enjoy both beautiful water-mirror and change of seasons at this photogenic pond!◎50 min trekking is required from the parking area. The roadway is narrow and there're some cars parking on the roadsides, so driving beginners should use taxi.


Beautiful Attractions Throughout Autumn At A Largest Park In Tokyo

Showa Kinen Park is located in Tokyo though, it's far larger than Disney Land! In autumn, we can enjoy autumn blessing so much, such as cosmos blooming on a hill and fall foliage at a Japanese garden. ◎You can walk from Tachikawa Station, but Cosmos Hill and Japanese Garden is toll area far from Tachikawa Station. It's better for you to take a bus from Tachikawa Station to Showa Kinen Park Sunagawa Gate.


Mystery Of Mossy Forest Reminds Us 'Princess Mononoke'

I like a movie 'Princess Mononoke' by Hayao Miyazaki, and I walked in Yakushima Island's Shiratani Unsui Gorge that is said to be a model of the movie. Its inner place is called 'Mononoke Forest', and I was very impressed with the great forest covered completely with moss!◎Access by bus or taxi