Best Tourist Spots In Hyogo

Here're best Tourist Spots in Hyogo. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Hyogo.

Best Tourist Spots In Hyogo [1-10]


Glittering Night View Of Kobe

I live in Kobe, and feel excited with the beauty of night view in Harborland. I want you all to see this.


Best Place To See The Night View Of Kobe

Kobe Harborland is one of the must-visit tourist spots in Kobe. There're various restaurants, and we can enjoy seeing night views while we eat meals. What's more, the pleasure ship is enjoyable to see the sunset on the sea.


Night View Of Kobe Makes Us Want To See Again

The night view of Kobe Harborland is one of my favorite place. It has various events every season. There're some cafes and shopping malls near Harborland, so we can enjoy walking around there.


Himeji Castle


It is Called 'Shirasagi, a White Egret Castle' That is The First World Heritage in Japan and Regains a White Figure After Repaired

The world heritage 'Himeji Castle' regains it's original beautiful white figure after a long time repairing. Japan boasts the unprecedented beautiful castle.


Stunning View Of A World Heritage! Pure White Himeji Castle Above The Cherry Blossoms

Himeji Castle is the first site registered as a world heritage in Japan. In spring, as many as 1000 trees of Somei Yoshino Cherry bloom around the castle. The purely white Himeji Castle and pale pink cherry blossoms make so beautiful collaboration!


Akashi Kaikyo Bridge


20th Anniversary Special Lighting Of Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

It has various patterns of lighting in every 20 minutes. During 2018, the lighting show starts from the sunset on every Saturdays and Sundays.


Beautiful Illumination Of Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

The huge illumination changing every second was amazingly beautiful! Akashi Kaikyo Bridge has many attractions such as taking pictures, a date, and fishing!◎Just near Maiko Station of JR Sanyo Line.


Stunning View For Every Direction! A Sky Flower Garden Overlooking The Sea

A flower island, Awaji's famous place 'Hana Sajiki' has 15ha area and 300m high above sea level. The beautiful location with the sea spleding below is truly 'sky flower garden'. In summer, you can enjoy sunflower and salvia.◎Entrance fee: free I enjoyed sunflowers, red and blue salvia in summer.


Canola Flower Field

You can make nice memories with your families, friends and boyfriends. The canola flowers are shifted to bloom various terms, so as to see the full-bloom flowers whenever we visit here. I think it's nice to visit in May when the temperature becomes warm.


Beautiful Poppy

Poppy is at the best now! No fees for the parking area nor entrance. The whole ground are covered with poppy, so it's a great place for flower-loving people. I like to visit here from a little after noon to evening. What's more, we can enjoy ice cream shop, tempura shop, and the local souvenir shop.


Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park


Kawazu Cherry Blossom Brings Spring Earlier

There're a few people, and we can see the blossoms leisurely. Kawazu Zakura is an early cherry blossom, so we can feel spring earlier. There're other flowers, such as mimosa and tulip, they would make us feel relaxed.


With Sea, Flowers & Greens! A Park To Enjoy 'The Island Of Flower'

This park symbolizes the Awaji Island that is called 'Flower Island'. Located in front of the sea, you can see the gorgeous ocean view and seasonal plants. As you see in the pics, the site is so extensive that the huge scenery is very attractive.◎Entrance fee: 400yen It's so extensive that it's nice for you to find the nearest entrance gate if you have destination in the park.


Colorful Flowers All Around The Park

We can enjoy beautiful tulip fields in spring. A big bird covered with flowers is also very impressive! It's better for you to put on walk-easy shoes, for this park is bigger than you may expect.


Byakugou-ji Temple


Stunning View In Spring! The Fantastic & Beautiful Purple World

Located at Tamba in Hyogo Prefecture, Byakugou-ji Temple is celebrated for the wisteria. You can see wisteria flowers blooming beautifully every year. At night, the wisteria are lit up, and makes very fantastic and beautiful scene. ◎Byakugou-ji Temple will get very crowded during the wisteria season, so it's better for you to visit with enough time. And please have good manners.


Terrace Café Ohge

16-45 Oge Tosadomariura Naruto-cho


Kobe Luminarie


Arches Of Lights 'Galleria'

It's really an art of lights.


A Glorious Light Waltz

It appears after going through the Galleria, very gorgeous light waltz.


Kobe Ohashi Bridge


Illumination Of A Red Bridge In Kobe Across Kobe

Kobe Ohashi Bridge, connects Kobe and Port Island, is illuminated at night! Specially after the rain, it changes more beautiful night scene with the reflections of the red bridge in the puddle! But the laser beam can't be seen everyday, please make sure the schedule.◎Port Island North Park (Kita Koen) is nice to look Kobe Ohashi Bridge closer! 7 min walk from Port Liner Naka Koen Station. No fees. The parking lot requires 150 yen per 1 hour.


Kobe Bridge With Nice Laser Beam

There was a ship anchored under the Kobe Bridge, I could take photos as I imaged for Kobe Port. The laser beam is the point.


Yamate Hachiban-kan


The Most Powerful Spiritual Spot 'Chairs Of Saturn'

It's said to be the most powerful power spot in Kitano area. When you pray wishes, women sit down on the right, and men on the left. In the house, there're mysterious room with sculptures of Rodin and Buddhism arts.◎Among some spiritual power spots in Kitano, it's the most popular. Yamate Hachiban-kan, entrance fee 550yen.


A Chair Of Saturn, If You Sit Then Your Wish May Come True

One of Ijin-kan (foreigner's houses), in Kobe Kitano, Yamate hachi-ban kan. It engraved some mysterious figures… They say that many wishes had come true.


Ikuta Shrine


Cute Water Lot For Good Marriage At A Forest In Ikuta Shrine

Ikuta Forest is located in the precinct of Ikuta Shrine. Here's said to have become a field of Gempei Battle(Genji-Heike War), but now, it's popular as a spiritual power spot. Many people enjoy water-lot and get some advices for good marriage.◎Receive water-lot at shrine office and bring it to Ikuta Forest. Find a notice board, soak the lot in the pond, then you can get the advices. You can tie it on the fixed place or bring it home.