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Beautiful Caves Named After Gods! Naturally Formed Mysterious Columnar Jointing

The caves named Gembu, Byakko, Suzaku and Seiryo, names of four gods 'Shijin'. Gembu-dou Park has the impressive scenery formed by the nature! Here you can see the mysterious geographical features called 'Columnar Jointing', the piled up rocks like hexagonal prism.


Open Only In Spring & Autumn! Beautiful Lighting For Autumn Foliage

The autumn foliage of Arashiyama. Hogon-in Temple is usually closed, but it admits you to the garden only in spring and autumn. The autumn colored trees are lightened up at night and show us the different scenes from daytime.


Red, Yellow & Orange On The Water Surface! Fukui's Proud Place For Autumn Foliage

Best viewing season is between the end of October and the beginning of November. After you enjoy a light trekking, a breathtaking beautiful scenery of colorful foliage waits for you.


Largest 'Gassho Zukuri' House Of Iwase Family, That Is A Symbol Of Gokayama, A World Heritage Site

Gokayama has some 'Gassho Zukuri' (steep roofed) houses even now. Among them, a house of Iwase family, you can get the stories of the village's history, the house structure, and look inside the house. Enjoy the glimpse of life of people living at 'Gassho Zukuri' house.


Above The Clouds! Beautiful And Magnificent Kar Created By Glaciers

Kar is the land created by glacial erosion. At the Japan Central Alps, Senjojiki Kar, you can see the different sceneries that change every seasons such as flowers and colored leaves. When you get off the ropeway and stand at 2612 meters above the ground, there's a superb panoramic view that I can say worth seeing.


Traditional Folk Songs & Dance. Graceful 'Owara Kaze-no Bon'

At Ecchu-yatsuo, Toyama, 'Owara Kaze-no Bon' is a traditional event held every September, and has been handed down since Edo period. Sounds of Japanese musical instruments in a tasteful town, and beautiful dancers will captivate you at this nice festival.


Perfect Taste And Price! A Seafood Bowl Filled Up With Kanazawa Pride

When you visit Kanazawa, should eat a delicious seafood bowl: kaisen-don. Oumi-cho Shokudo restaurant has been loved by the local people at the Omi-cho market that is called a kitchen of Kanazawa. Kaisen-don with lots of fresh seafood on it and eat it in a lively restaurant, that must be superb!


Catching On With People All Over The World! An Experience Of Putting Gold Leaf In A Gold Town Kanazawa

Kanazawa accounts for 99% of all gold leaf production in Japan. In such a town, 'Gold Leaf Shop Sakuda' is reported in Michelin Guide, and many tourists from all over the world visit them! You can enjoy putting the gold leaf on chopsticks, plates and so on as a traditional industrial art.


Akita Kanto Festival! Exciting Performance Of 270 Sticks Of Kanto

Akita Kanto Festival is one of the three great festivals in Tohoku Region. Held at the beginning of August, more than 270 sticks of Kanto, compared to ears of rice, go up all together. They hold 12meters Kanto on their waists, shoulders and foreheads, I get excited to see them very close!


Join In 'Haneto' Costume! The Biggest Festival In Tohoku Region With Strong Huge Nebuta

Aomori Nebuta festival is held every August. Powerful and huge Nebuta decorations walk around the town. You can enjoy even seeing them, but it'll be more exciting for anyone to join the festival and become a dancer's haneto costume!