Yamate Hachiban-kan

Yamate Hachiban-kan is one of the best places to travel in Kobe-shi, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Yamate Hachiban-kan posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]

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The Most Powerful Spiritual Spot 'Chairs Of Saturn'

It's said to be the most powerful power spot in Kitano area. When you pray wishes, women sit down on the right, and men on the left. In the house, there're mysterious room with sculptures of Rodin and Buddhism arts.◎Among some spiritual power spots in Kitano, it's the most popular. Yamate Hachiban-kan, entrance fee 550yen.


A Chair Of Saturn, If You Sit Then Your Wish May Come True

One of Ijin-kan (foreigner's houses), in Kobe Kitano, Yamate hachi-ban kan. It engraved some mysterious figures… They say that many wishes had come true.