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I take pictures of scenery and night views in mainly Kansai Region. Please check out my page.


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Abeno Harukas is the highest building in Japan. The night view of Osaka looked from here is amazing! On sunny day, you can see the beautiful sunset as a beginning, the golden hour, and then the night view on the whole surface under the building.
At South Garden (a path-around-pond style garden: people see the garden from the paths around the pond in the central of the garden) of Tenju-an in Nanzen-ji Temple, you can see the beautiful reflections of fresh greens on the pond. What's more, such as East Garden of beautiful white sands and moss, there're many things to see.
Although Eikando could be very crowded with many tourists in the season of autumn leaves, you can see around calmly now in the fresh greens for there're fewer visitors. In the precinct of Eikando, you must see the beautifully curved Garyu-ro (Hallway Of Lying Dragon: named after its ceiling which is similar to a dragon's back).
The biggest torii arch stands at Oyunohara where Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine was once located. The great torii in the nature is very impressive and cannot be ignored. What's more, the starry sky is also very beautiful, and I was moved by the Milky Way that was able to see with the naked eyes.
As for Toji Temple, the scenes of spring and autumn are famous, but I like this early summer scenery with fresh greens. You can enjoy seeing the beautiful garden in this season more leisurely than the peak season, for there're fewer people. What's more, you can see the sunset with fresh greens just before the closing time.
Located at Tamba in Hyogo Prefecture, Byakugou-ji Temple is celebrated for the wisteria. You can see wisteria flowers blooming beautifully every year. At night, the wisteria are lit up, and makes very fantastic and beautiful scene.
If you visit at night, you can see many stars all over the night sky. In a good condition, you may see the Milky Way with the naked eye. What's more, during the windless daytime, there're reflections of the beautiful nature on the pond.
Kurashiki Bikan Quarter is celebrated for its beautiful and traditional architectures such as white walls, roof tiles and willow trees along the river. You can find various interesting things by just walking around. What's more, for there're some cafes, you can enjoy walking with food in your hands.
The cherry blossoms of Hikone Castle in Shiga Prefecture, is really amazing. Particularly, the reflection on the castle moat is stunning, and many people come to see it. Around Hikone Castle, there're many things to see other than the moat, so you can enjoy walking around.