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  • 1/30/1975
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I want to write places I traveled with friends.

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This café uses many kinds of Awaji's foodstuffs. Awaji beef, onions, vegetables and eggs, they are particular about the food. Its stake was big and delicious, too.

This café is managed by a wholesaler of eggs. An egg tart with the natural sweetness of eggs. For their dishes and other desserts, they use organic or less agricultural chemicals. There're many kinds of menus.

The local character in Sumoto? Or an old tradition? Eight raccoon dogs called Sumono ya danuki. And the statue of Buzaemon, a god of crime prevention, stands in this shrine. Visit the eight, you can walk around the Sumoto town.

Surprisingly, Eshima is said to be the oldest place of Japan! And it appears in 'Moon Watching ' volume of Heike-monogatari, the beauty of Eshima has never changed. It's good to see the illuminated Eshima under the moonlight.

They call 'Nama-shirasu', row young sardine, that is caught in the local Iwaya port and served by only the particular way of dealing to keep it fresh. And you can't eat it everywhere. Here serves Nama-shirasu with homemade citrus soy sauce.

I ate a hamburger with tomato sauce of Mediterranean style (the upper light in photo). Like a famous Awaji's onion was sweet! I want to eat other kinds…

Fuchsia blooms red and pink small flower downward and is called 'a earring of a lady'. I saw such a splendid fuchsia for the first time. Streptocarpus is said to be difficult to grow, but here's wonderful.

Surprisingly it was built in 1928, although it's an imitation donjon. And the oldest one in Japan. On the way to there, you can see the historical stone wall and at the top, there is a nice scenery waiting you.

A town under the castle and Ohama Seashore that are seen from the donjon of Sumoto Castle. Here's a less-known place where you can see the beautiful scenery of the sea and mountains without hustle.

The two camphor trees became one like a married couple. It's the very spiritual spot for a peaceful couple! I took a power from it.