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  • 11/9/1979
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I often go around Japan on my business, introduce some of them.

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Lesser Known Place! An Observatory For Full-faced Himeji Castle

An observatory in the 5th floor of Egret Himeji standing in front of Himeji Castle, commands the whole view od the castle and nice place to take pictures. What is more, you can enter for free and there're a few people here.◎An observatory's entrance fee is free.


Hakata Salt Ramen At A Birthplace Of The Salt

Hakata Island is a birthplace of 'Hakata Salt'. This 'Hakata Salt Ramen' is planed by the owner born and grown in saltpan. Althogh the soup is clear and mild, it tastes salt for certain, and excellent with topping and thin noodle.◎Hakata Salt Ramen 580yen


Prime & Big Sushi As A Reason I'm Attracted By The Island Food

Sushi restaurant 'Kita-zushi' offers you the prime and especially big seafood of Setouchi. The taste and freshness are great of course, what's more, it's so big that women can't eat it in one mouthful. Even more, it is great value for money. A recommendable restaurant in Oshima Island.◎The toughness of rice is ordinally, freshness is great and seafood in big. 'Special (Jo) Nigiri 1500yen' 'Prime (Tokujo) Nigiri 2200yen'. The restaurant is spacious and has some single rooms.


The Island's Specialty 'Sea Urchin Egg On Rice' That I Was Happy To Eat

Oshima, belongs to Shimanami Kaido Route, has sweet and rich taste sea urchin egg grown in Miyakubo. Kita Zushi offers prime 'Uni Don (Sea Urchin Egg On Rice)' with sea urchin egg laid on rice without stinginess. It's delicious enough as it is, but more delicious with mixed yolk!◎Uni Meshi 2200yen. For the enough amount of sea urchin egg, it doesn't cost much. And this restaurant commands nice sea view, although with a little graves.


Legendary Specialty Food 'Kuja-yaki'

Cooked to be thick with ingredients in the stock soup of beef sinew, and roasted the surface to be crisp, then eat them mixed together. This is a restaurant 'Kuja-yaki' started. I can't stop my chopsticks and only one piece isn't enough! This is a specialty of Himeji now popular among the travelers from other countries.◎Kuja-yaki (big) 440yen. The most ordered topping is 'beef sinew'. When you hold a camera, the hostess will direct timing with saying 'Take now!'.


Genuine 'Himeji Oden' Rich In Variety And Made Of Special Foodstuffs

A famous restaurant of Himeji Oden, selected in Bib Gourmand of Michelin. Various kinds of quality foodstuffs such octopus, yuba and asparagus are delicious and, then you eat them with gingered soy sauce, which is special way in Himeji, they change into more delicious food completely.◎There're no price lists and this restaurant is a little more expensive then other restaurants around this area. You can eat high quality 'Himeji Oden' .


A Big Stick Of 'Himeji Oden' With Secret Stock Inherited For 50 Years

A long-established izakaya that directed by a famous sake maker, Nadagiku. Seasoned by stock soup that has inherited for more than 50 years, a big Himeji Oden is excellent with gingered soy sauce. This is the local specialty of Himeji you must eat.◎Kuro Oden ¥540, and because of the sake maker, Shiro Oden ¥540 used many sake leeks.


Specialty 'Himeji Oden' With Himeji Castle View, A World Heritage

Himeji's specialty 'Himeji Oden' with soy sauce mixed with ground ginger. You can eat this in front of the view of a World Heritage, Himeji Castle at this restaurant. Oden, tastes good as it is, with sharpness and depth, which is very delicious local food.◎Located on 4th floor of a cultural facility, I was surprised the restaurant was in it. For a restaurant is directed by a hotel, its hospitality and taste are nice same as the view.


Nice Personality & Price! Very Popular Seafood & Meat In Tokushima

At an entertainment district in Tokushima, here has won the popularity for a long time. You can enjoy Tokushima's seafood and meat to your heart's content at surprising great value for money. I wonder how much they are if I eat at other restaurants! And a cheerful chief is also nice.◎Around ¥1000, sashimi (natural and local sea bream, octopus), and brand meat (Awa Beef, Sudachi Chicken) for massive volume. They said, they have stocks in the market.


Kushi-katsu With Lesser Coating Of Batter And Fine Grains Of Bread Crumbs That You May Eat Endlessly

An excellent restaurant of Osaka food, kushi-katsu in Kitashinchi. The chef makes around 20 kushi-katsu one after another till you call a halt. Rich and many kinds of foodstuffs like fillet, crab and sea urchin eggs wrapped in thin and quality coating of batter. You may eat these kushi-katsu almost limitlessly.