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Rock Of Husband & Wife Shinning In The Morning Glow

Futamiokitama Shrine is famous as a scenic spot of the morning sun. And the sun rising between the pair of rocks around the summer solstice is well known, but you can see the strong existence in the rocks shining in the morning glow.


Hokkaido Craft Beer Tasting

Moon Sun BREWING's must-order menu is a tasting of craft beers made in Hokkaido such as Sorachi and Ebetsu. They offer also some homemade beers, you can choose your favorite one.◎Open: 17:30-24:00 (Monday-Saturday), 17:30-23:00 (Sunday).


27 Meters Tall Statue Of Kan'non Keeping An Eye On A Stone Town

Oya of Utsunomiya city is famous for Oya Stone. The great statue of Kan'non looks like keeping an eye gently on the stone town. You'll be surprised not only its size but also being carved in the cliff.◎No fees are required.


Japanese Sweets Made From Much Of Nature Blessing Of Yamagata

Garden Cafe Nishiki offers Japanese sweets that you can taste the natural foodstuffs of Yamagata like Ohagi with Dadacha-mame bean flour which is a specialty of this area. A tea time while you see the garden with seasonal beautiful nature is the best thing to feel relaxed.◎Open 11:00-18:00. Close: Thursdays, the second and forth Saturdays.


Chinese Noodle With Japanese Soup? The Local Specialty 'Tori Chūka'

'Tori (Chicken) Chūka' is a hybrid noodle dish that has Japanese soba noodle soup and Chinese ramen noodle. Among many restaurants, I like Soba Dokoro KIMURA's cool Tori Soba that you can eat easily in hot summer.◎Opening hours 11:00-20:00. Regular holiday: Wednesdays


Beautiful Cliff Created By One Million Years Of Nature

A Japanese world 'hetsuri' means 'cliff' in this area. The white cliffs standing like towers had been created by nature for as long as one million years. This is a place you can enjoy wonderful scenery and Okawa River which reflects these cliffs.


The Wide Starmine Filled Up The Sky Above The Mogami River

The biggest attraction of Sakata Firework Show is The Wide Starmine expanding as long as 2 km in width. With music, the colorful fireworks paint over the sky, it's very impressive moment.


Nebuta Museum You Can See The Powerful Existence And Its Mechanism

At Nebuta Museum WA RASSE just near Aomori Station, you can see Nebuta once used and the exhibitions to learn about it. Nebuta is beautiful as it is, what's more, you can have a chance to touch and see it closer,◎1 min walk from JR Aomori Station The admission fee is 600 yen.


Samurai Pass Enclosed With Bamboo Grove, Samurai Might Once Walked Through

A town of slope in Chiba Prefecture, Sakura has a slope enclosed with bamboo. It's called as 'Sakura Samurai Pass' for the site of samurai houses nearby. You can feel the relaxing coolness in this tasteful pass even in summer.


A Huge Sacred Tree With Impressive Existence Standing In The Precinct

A huge camphor tree, designated as a natural monument of the city. stands in the prercinct of Tanoue Hachiman Shrine. The impressive existence is all vital energy of nature. When you visit this shrine, touch this tree and feel its energy.