Best Winter Destinations In Hokkaido

Here're best Winter Destinations in Hokkaido. We released a ranking of reviews about Winter Destinations posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Hokkaido.

Best Winter Destinations In Hokkaido [1-10]


Blue Pond In Winter

Blue Pond starts light-up from November every year. The lights change every year and its range was expanded this year. We can enjoy Blue Pond that is differ from that in other seasons.


Blue Pond Shining Beautifully

Very popular tourist spot Blue Pond. In winter, it beautifully lighted up! You can see the fantastic Blue Pond that is differ from it in daytime. And don't forget winter clothes.


Ōtsu Sea Coast


The Beauty Of Jewelry Ice, Sky & Sea

The ices of Tokachi in winter, are polished and washed up by waves, then they're called Jewelry Ice. Though the temperature sometimes become under twenty degrees below zero, the beautiful scenery shining in the morning sun is worth seeing once in your life. There's a high probability that it will be sunny around here, and a tourist spot Harunire Tree is also located near here.


Doritsu Yumenomori Park


Empty-Handed OK! A Park You Can Play with Snows

When the snow lies, they begin to lend sleighs and walking skis for free! On the Sunday noon, tube rafting is sometimes held. When it gets cold, let's warm in the arena like a spaceship.


Shikaribetsu Lake


Ice Bar, Ice Open-Air Bath And Ice House... Nice Ice Village In Midwinter

Shikaribetsu Lake Kotan is an icy village appears only in midwinter on the frozen lake surface. There're bar, open-air bath of ice, and even ice houses! We can enjoy the cold Hokkaido to our hearts' content. You need cars or bus to access here. We stay in the ice house (igloo) in the third pic, and rent sleeping bags and winter outfits, or we can run to the hotel when we're cold. The Milky Way can be seen before dawn in the late February.


Otowa Bridge


Japanese Crane's River Where Bird Watchers In All Over The World Get Together

Tsurui Village is known as a place where Japanese cranes come flying. And at Otowa Bridge, people can watch the lair of cranes living in Setsuri River. Many bird watcher visit here from all over the world to enjoy watching and taking photos.◎You should visit here before the morning sun rises, so need cars to go here by yourself. Or use some package tours. There're spacious parking area, but it'll be full of cars and bus at dawn.


Shiretoko Rausu Port


Winter Wild Animals In Shiretoko, A World Natural Heritage Site

The drift ice arrives at Shiretoko registered as a world heritage site. Some wild animals such as Steller's sea eagle get together to get food. There's a boat to see such creatures from Rausu Port in early morning, and you can enjoy watching them very close!◎Car is convenient here. It's better to come to Rausu the day before and stay at night, then leave for Rausu Port in early morning. The drift ice starts to arrive from the end of February. As soon as the drift ice arrives, you can watch Steller's sea eagle and others like that, but after a while, you can see sea lions. By the way, these eagles get together for the fish thrown from this tour boat, so you have a great chance to watch them.


Ikushina Flower Garden


The Calm Sea Without Waves. Silver World Of Drift Ice Spreading To The Whole Surface

2016, drift ice has arrived at Hokkaido. Drift ice run around the beach and the sea filled with pure white became calm without any sounds of waves.


Ningle Terrace


A Shopping Street With Warmth Of Great Nature

There're lovely log house shops in the white snowy road in the woods. Every shop has a warm atmosphere and sells something related to Furano, and we'll be fascinated with each of them. In addition, you can see the lighted romantic scenery at night.


Lake Shikotsu


Beautiful Snow Statues Shining Fantastically In Only Winter

Shikotsu Lake in Hokkaido, though the festival held a limited period between January and February, many people come to see it.


Otaru Port Marina


The World Of Blue And White

Otaru Port in winter. There are a ferry terminal and a marina for boats and yachts. You can enjoy the winter tastes of Hokkaido such as sushi around the port.