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I like to travel with my camera very much. I want to introduce nice places and delicious foods in mainly Hokkaido. Please enjoy my pages.

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Harunire Tree Spreading Its Branches For The Full Breadth

It's a famous spot of Toyokoro Town of Tokachi, which appears in the word of 'eyestome' by Dream Come True, a Japanese popular musician. The two trees unified each other and have kept the beautiful appearance. It's also a popular photo spots where we can feel the changing of seasons.


Blue Pond Shining Beautifully

Very popular tourist spot Blue Pond. In winter, it beautifully lighted up! You can see the fantastic Blue Pond that is differ from it in daytime. And don't forget winter clothes.


Yellow Leaves In The Livery Of Autumn Seen From The High Mountain Pass

Mikuni Touge Pass is the highest national road in Hokkaido. There's a great view of Matsumi Bridge and nature. We can meet the yellow leaves in autumn and lively green in summer. Beside the observatory, Mikuni Touge cafe's sausage curry is also delicious.


Great Satisfactions Of Rokkatei's Cafe Menu & Souvenirs

Rokkatei is famous for Marusei Butter Sand, as one of the most famous things to buy in Hokkaido. At the cafe on 2nd floor, the best seller is pan cake, which with two tiers containing much butter. What's more, with maple syrup. It tastes like somehow familiar, and make us feel relief.


Enjoy Delicious Lunch Together With Bird Watching

While watching pretty wild birds, I enjoyed delicious hot sandwiches. The cup of Long-tailed Tit is lovely♡ There's a room for taking pictures of birds beside the cafe. The nature photo gallery of a photographer Tadashi Shimada adjoins the cafe.


Coffee Time With Gentle Lights Of Lamp

Kitaichi Hall is a cafe with 167 lamps and retro atmosphere. They light the lamps one by one by hand after they open the cafe every morning. 8:45. It's worth seeing if you get up early. They offer meals as well as coffee and soft cream.


White Birch Street Where We Want To Walk And Hold Hands Together

This beautiful White Birch Street often appeared as a location in some movies and TV series. I associate this photogenic scenery with Britain.


Best-Seller Pork Rice To Eat Even You Have To Wait

Tonta has a line of people who wait to eat the pork rice 'Buta-don'. Good balance of juicy meat and sweet sauce. I don't mind if I have to wait before eat it. They sell also its sauce, so it's happy for us to be able to cook the similar pork rice at home.


One Of The Three Best Sunsets In The World, Bring You A Peaceful State Of Mind

The sunset of Kushiro is admired as one of the best three sunsets in the world. Gazing the sky colored in red perfectly, we may forget the time gliding away.


Sashimi Set Meal Of Fresh & Tasty Saury

I ate sashimi set meal of tasty row saury that had never been frozen in Kushiro! You should eat this fresh and shining saury in its best season by any means!