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  • 7/9/1989
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I'm from Hokkaido, a nurse, who like fashion and Disney and want to be a traveler. I moved from Sapporo to Shiga.

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Crispy Mille-feuille Of A Whole Peach

Kamon Piu offers mille-feuille of a whole peach for summer! The mille-feuille doesn't break in spite of the heavy peach, and it keeps its crisp texture till the last bite. It's so delicious♪♪


Strawberry Parfait Good For Our Health As A Raw Sweets

Strawberry Gran Parfait with more than 20 strawberries and good for our health. There're different ingredients in the glass, so we'll never get tired of the taste till the last spoon. This cafe opens only Saturdays and Sundays, and you need to book table.


Soft Bread In Lovely Round Shape

A specialty shop of round-shaped bread. The different sandwiches are offered every time, so we must want to visit again! The round-shaped bread is soft and delicious, so you don't need to toast it.


Strawberry Dessert Set At A Stylish Cafe

At a cafe of well-known CLUB HARIE, located next to Hikone Castle, we can eat a dessert set with many sweet strawberries which is prepared only 20 dishes a day. You can choose whatever drinks you want, so it prices lower. And if you visit alone, it's easy to come into the cafe, because the room is very calm and quiet.


Fashionable & Delicious Parfait To Eat Last Of The Day

The fruit parfait of shining fresh fruit is excellent with rich gelato and fresh cream! There're always people waiting in a line, but its delicious and photogenic parfait is worth waiting!


Fashionable & Instagrammable Parfait To Eat Last Of The Day

The tall and fashionable parfait is Frejus. It's made of mainly Tiramisù, so coffee-jelly are sandwiched, and other stuffs are fashionable and original, such as strawberry and basil gelato. It's excellent for the last dish to eat girls' night!


Beautiful Snow Landscape From A Guest Room

We can see the beautiful mountains covered with snow from our guest rooms. From five to seven in the morning, croissant and illy's coffee are available for free, so enjoy them with this landscape.


A Restaurant OF Ice & Snow

A little cold but fantastic restaurant made from snow and ice appears only in winter! The hot cheese fondue and hot alcohol drinks make our hole body hot from inside.


The New Third Texture, Fried & Grilled Pancakes

Grilled Pancakes has crisp skin and soft souffle inside, and the rich tastes of egg is very delicious! Fuwatto Maruyama Kitchen offers also food menus, I like its omelet-rice with soft texture like whipped meringue.◎The pancake of this photo is half-sized one.


The Biggest Sunflower Field In Japan

We can see the shining yellow sunflowers spreading to the whole field in summer. To rent a bicycle and run around the field make you feel refreshed and it would be a great memory of summer.