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Blue Pond is one of the best places to travel in Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for attractions, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Blue Pond posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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Japanese Larch Trees Standing On The Clear Sky Blue. A Miracle Pond Like A Gate To A Different Dimension Of Space

About 20 minutes from Biei Station by car. A solitary blue pond is miraculously made by human and nature. Water pooled in a disaster prevention dam and made this blue pond. The secret of it lies in the water ingredients.

Must Visit Place In Biei, Hokkaido! Very Mysterious Blue Pond

You can enjoy seeing various scenes of Blue Pond throughout the year. The autumn colors of larch trees, and winter illumination before freezing in December, I like.

Mystic! The Reflections Of Dead Larch Trees

You must see it once if you travel in Hokkaido! The Blue Pond (Aoi Ike). It's so mystic that people will be confused which side is sky... Anyway, you must be fascinated with its blue.

With Many Dead Tree Standing, A Miracle Pond Of Fantastic Blue Color

Located at the side of Biei River, Blue Pond is now a must-visit place for tourist for its fantastic scenery made up of the water colors, such as blue and emerald green, and dead white birch and larch.
What makes Blue Pond blue!? The water containing aluminum flows from Shirohige Waterfall in Shirogane Onsen town, mixes with the water of Biei River, and becomes 'colloid' which is invisible. Such water can be blue when the sunlight comes down!



Shirogane Biei-cho, kamikawa-gun, hokkaido


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By taxi or car, 20 min from Biei Starion, or 150 min from Sapporo city.


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Shirohige Waterfall

Great Nature's Blue In Biei…Shirohige Waterfall & The Blue River

Shirohige Waterfall is near a famous 'Blue Pond' in Biei. The Biei River as a waterfall basin is called 'Blue River'. The clear waterfall from Tokachi-dake Mountain Range and the clear blue river are so beautiful that we feel like be drawn into them!

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