Lake Mashu

Lake Mashu is one of the best places to go in Tashikaga, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.  Here're guides for access, map, spots nearby, reviews and photos of Lake Mashu posted by Japanese travelers in the know.

Lake Mashu 2 Reviews


A Mysterious Lake, Mashu

Lake Mashu is the most clearest lake in Japan. We'll gasp with surprise at the beautiful water and its blue color. A song 'Kiri no Mashu-ko (Misty Lake Mashu)' is well-known, and the starry sky fascinates us at night... Lake Mashu shows us various expression whenever we visit here.

Lake Mashu is famous for its misty scenery, but I was moved also with the morning glow of the sun rising in the clear air. You should see the beautiful color of its water in the daytime admired as Mashu Blue.