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I was born and grew in Hokkaido. In the east, Kushiro and Nemuro areas as my base, I send useful information about sightseeing, onsen (hot spring), driving and gourmet.

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A Tableland Kaiyoudai Where You Can See The Windbreaks Planted Grid Pattern And Seen From The Space By Mamoru Mouri

The grid patterned windbreaks that are seen in the picture Mamoru Mouri took in the space shuttle spread in tableland Konsen in the east of Hokkaido. At the tableland Kaiyoudai in Nakashibetsu Town, you can see the grand scenery from height 270m.


The Calm Sea Without Waves. Silver World Of Drift Ice Spreading To The Whole Surface

2016, drift ice has arrived at Hokkaido. Drift ice run around the beach and the sea filled with pure white became calm without any sounds of waves.


100 Years Old Church. An Icon Drew By A Japanese And An Image Of Christ

100 years has passed since this church built in Nakashibetsu town Kamimusa area in 1916. There's an Icon drawn by Rin Yamashita, a first icon painter in Japan, and an image of Christ that is considered for a legacy of Northern Territories.


Anokoro-no Katsugen' A Comfort Drink For People In Hokkaido In Showa Era

Katsugen' is a bottled lactic acid drink born in 1956 sold only in Hokkaido. And 'Soft Katsugen' is familiar to people here now, too. 'Anokoro-no Katsugen' is reproduced the same strong taste as the old times and has sold within a certain of time since January 2016.


A Superb Beef ' A Stake Of Sagari'

A chef who have trained at a famous restaurant in Tokyo finally found a stake of sagari (a part of skirt) whose good flavor comes out every time you chew. There are three kinds od sauce, mushroom, garlic and say sauce.


Waiting For A Train With A Wood Carving Bear. A Foot Bath At Kawayu Onsen Station

In the east of Hokkaido, the Senmou main line running across from Kushiro to Abashiri. At the Kawayu Onsen station, there is a space for a foot bath where was redecorated a comer of the station building. The water flows down from a wood carving bear is 100 % hot spring water comes directly from the source.


Running Through The Silver World Of Kushiro Marsh, A Steam Engine ' SL Winter Marsh Engine'

A steam engine 'C11 171' restarted in 1999 after 24 years pause. In 2016, from January 1to February 28, it's going to run through 48km between Kushiro Sta. and Shibecha Sta. including Kushiro Marsh.


A Rare Local Sake 'Kitano-katsu Shiboritate' Sold Once In A Year And Sold Out In A Few Minutes

Easternmost in Hokkaido, Nemuro City, a sake brewer 'Usui Katsusaburo Store' forwards this sake once in a year. To buy the rare sake, people make a line at the stores, and phones don't stop ringing for order. If you can't buy it, you may find it at the local bars.


A Sheer Cliff Of Pork Loin! High 7cm And Weigh 700g Weigh Porkchap

It takes 45minutes to grill, a good taste of pork is condensed slowly in the oven. With a sour sweet sause, you can eat lightly. By the way, 'mini' is weigh 400g.


Started in 1951, a Good Taste of Grown Chicken is Packed in the Ramen Served by a Soba Restaurant

In the west of Hokkaido, the town famous for Mashu Lake and Kussharo Lake, Teshikaga. Ryogoku is a handmade soba restaurant loved by the local people. Soba is of course good, and 'soba ramen' is also popular. I finish off the stock made from grown chicken in one gulp.