Best Tourist Spots In Mie

Here're best Tourist Spots in Mie. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Mie.

Best Tourist Spots In Mie [1-10]


Nabana no Sato


Breathtaking Reflections Of Begonia

Have you ever seen such magnificent and breathtaking begonia flowers? From the other side of a big pond, a great scenery spreads in front of you. I felt the scenery seen with the naked eye was more beautiful than photos.


Wonderful Begonia Garden Is A Must-Visit Place, Not Only The Famous Illuminations

Begonia Garden is very photogenic place where we can find flowers all wherever we see. People who like cameras, can enjoy here at least 30 minutes!


Fantastic Light Tunnel As Long As 200 Meters Long

You can see the biggest illumination in Japan in Nabana no Sato. There're two tunnels, the one is as long as 200m fantastic gallery of light, and another is 100m and has different themes every year. And the theme for this year is cherry blossom.


Suzuka Forest Garden


So Beautiful Weeping Plum Blossoms All Over The Garden

Suzuka Forest Garden was opened in 2014, and has about 200 weeping plum trees, in Japanese, Shidare Ume. The blossom all over the garden is so beautiful and impressive. The plum blossoms are going to be lit up at night for a limited times.◎Entrance fee: 500-1500yen, half-price for children, free for under 6 years old. The price is changed by the blooming condition. You need to check out the official twitter. Parking area: free for 200 cars.


Otherworldly Color Appears When It's Lighted Up

Suzuka Forest Garden changes into the other world by the illuminations at night! The contrast of the night darkness and pale purple will fascinate people so much.


A Garden Of Tall Weeping Plum Blossom Trees

There're many tall weeping plum trees all over the garden! They are all tall, beautiful and impressive. We can enjoy the garden from the daytime to night illuminations. Many people visit here in this season.


Inabe Agriculture Park


Beautiful Japanese Apricot Grove You Must See From The Top And The Bottom

The Japanese apricot grove extending as far as I can see is very impressive. Here's a place where we realize the beauty of Japanese apricot blossom, again. It's renown for the scenery from the top, and in addition, you can enter into the grove, and see them from under the trees. There're only a few such a place in Japan. ◎There's no public transport, so the traffic jam in the best season. For the sunlight angle, you need to visit during morning to take good pictures.


Fluffy And Lovely Pink Gradations Just Like A Fairyland

Inabe Agriculture Park is the largest plum blossom garden in Tokai Region. The scenery with Suzuka Mountains is magnificent and superb! It looks fluffy from the observatory located above, and looks shining at close range. The weeping branches are also beautiful... We can feel relaxed by the fragrance, and pleasant to the arrival of spring.


Beautiful Plum Blossom Garden Tells The Arrival Of Spring

Inabe City Plum Blossom Park, with 100 kinds and 4000 trees of plum. Overlooked the plum grove from the observatory, you can see very impressive scenery! It's a wonderful place we feel the arrival of spring.


Futamiokitama Shrine


So Beautiful Sunrise Above A Couple Rock That Makes Me Naturally Put My Hands Together

I could see the beautiful morning glow and the sunrise above the couple rock, that was my dearest wish.


Summer Solstice Festival When The People From All Over Japan Try To Purify All Together

At Futamiokitama Shrine famous for the couple rock, Geshi Festival is took place on the day of summer solstice. After the warm-up with singing and motion like rowing boats, they purify in front of the couple rock. In fact, it's said that old people purify here before visiting Ise Jingu Shrine.◎Futamiokitama Shrine has a parking area for cars, and for the public transport, it's possible to walk from JR Futamiura Station. But the trains don't run in the early morning, you'll better to stay around here if you don't have cars. Summer solstice of course, it's during the rainy season in Japan, you need to prepare the rain. If it's sunny, you can see the sun rising from between the couple rock as a buck ground of Mt. Fuji.


Rock Of Husband & Wife Shinning In The Morning Glow

Futamiokitama Shrine is famous as a scenic spot of the morning sun. And the sun rising between the pair of rocks around the summer solstice is well known, but you can see the strong existence in the rocks shining in the morning glow.


Kihoku Tōrō Festival


Colorful Fireworks Spreading To The Sky

Kihoku Tōrō Matsuri is a summer festival in Kihoku town. The biggest highlights of firework are Saiun Kujaku and Saishoku Senrin, which you can see only here. In 2018, it was postponed for the typhoon, and held on September 8th.


Great Firework 'Saiun Kujaku' Spreading To The Sky

Though it was hard to get the place to see fireworks, we can be satisfied as soon as we see this. Saiun Kujaku (Colored Clouds Peacock) makes us want to see this firework next year.


Gorgeous Firework 'Saishoku Senrin' Flashing In The Sky

Kihoku Tōrō Festival is famous for the firework called 'Saishoku Senrin'. Many people visit from a distance to see these fireworks. If you see 'Saishoku Senrin' actually, you must shout for joy!◎10 min from Kii Nagashima IC. You can turn into the parking area till 19:00. And, though the fireworks finish, you can't move your car until 22:30.


Yokoyama Observatory


Gorgeous View! Cafe Terrace In The Sky

Opened in 2018 summer, Yokoyama Observatory commands the whole view of saw-toothed coastline of Ago Bay. You can see also Shima Spain Mura Amusement Park.


Beautiful View Of Rias Coast

We can see the whole view of rias coast and enjoy good cafe here. I had tapioca drink, that was very delicious!


Yokkaichi Inaba Port Line


A Beautiful Bridge Of Yokkaichi

This bridge, near a famous Yokkaichi complex, is built on the sea as a highway! Its curve is beautiful, isn't it?


The Appearance Like A Dragon Belly Flying In The Sky

I went to Yokkaichi Inaba Port Line that has become famous as a photo shooting spot since it opened in April 1st in 2018. When I looked up, there's a dragon's belly flying in the sky.


Yokkaichi Dome


The Collaboration Of Factories & Boats

Yokkaichi Dome confronts the factory area. Though it's good to zoom in on factory, I used wide angle lens. As a result, the floating boats became a nice accent.


The Morning Glow Of Yokkaichi Complex

Yokkaichi Dome is famous for the night view of complex. And it shows us also the amazing view in the early morning. Please enjoy the morning glow.◎4 min walk from Kasumigaura Parking Area.


Ise Jingu Shrine [Kotai Jingu]


Attention! A Stone You Mustn't Tread On

On the stairs between Syogu and Aramatsuri-no miya. It's in a little this side of the photo you see. I refused to take a picture of it.. The 14th stone from the bottom, a crack appears like a letter '天'. I'm so afraid of it!


A Spiritual Spot, Naigu Pond And Carp

Your wish may come true, if you set the photo for a standby screen of your phone. Red-white carp is for a lucky with love, and gold one for money.


The Holiest Shrine In Japan's History Of 2000 Years

Very holy atomosphere surrounded by ancient forest. At Shogu, you can pray for like the world's peace, but you can pray a private wish at a building called Aramatsuri-no miya.


Onigajō Cliff


The Milky Way Of A World Heritage Onigajō Cliff

In Kumano, Mie Prefecture, a world's heritage site 'Onigajō' is a great cliff created by rough seas. It's very interesting place of the ragged rocky stretch. What's more, it's an excellent place to observe the Milky Way, because the Pacific Ocean stretching from east to south.


Numerous Diamonds In The Night Sky Letting Me Find Them Closer

Along the Sea of Kumano, 1 kilometers line of sea caves in many sizes. It's located near the sea without light interferences, you can see the night sky with numerous stars in the good season.