Best Summer Destinations In Mie

Here're best Summer Destinations in Mie. We released a ranking of reviews about Summer Destinations posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Mie.

Best Summer Destinations In Mie [1-3]


Kihoku Tōrō Festival


Colorful Fireworks Spreading To The Sky

Kihoku Tōrō Matsuri is a summer festival in Kihoku town. The biggest highlights of firework are Saiun Kujaku and Saishoku Senrin, which you can see only here. In 2018, it was postponed for the typhoon, and held on September 8th.


Gorgeous Firework 'Saishoku Senrin' Flashing In The Sky

Kihoku Tōrō Festival is famous for the firework called 'Saishoku Senrin'. Many people visit from a distance to see these fireworks. If you see 'Saishoku Senrin' actually, you must shout for joy!◎10 min from Kii Nagashima IC. You can turn into the parking area till 19:00. And, though the fireworks finish, you can't move your car until 22:30.


Futamiokitama Shrine


Summer Solstice Festival When The People From All Over Japan Try To Purify All Together

At Futamiokitama Shrine famous for the couple rock, Geshi Festival is took place on the day of summer solstice. After the warm-up with singing and motion like rowing boats, they purify in front of the couple rock. In fact, it's said that old people purify here before visiting Ise Jingu Shrine.◎Futamiokitama Shrine has a parking area for cars, and for the public transport, it's possible to walk from JR Futamiura Station. But the trains don't run in the early morning, you'll better to stay around here if you don't have cars. Summer solstice of course, it's during the rainy season in Japan, you need to prepare the rain. If it's sunny, you can see the sun rising from between the couple rock as a buck ground of Mt. Fuji.


Aoyama Highland


Aoyama Highland With Many Windmills

There was soft breeze, and a little chill in the air even in hot August. You can see many windmills wheeling in the beautiful blue sly and also in the evening glow!◎By car, 10 min from Nishiaoyama Station, 40 min from Hisai IC of Ise Speedway. The parking area is available for free. Access by car is the most convenient.