Nabana no Sato

Nabana no Sato is one of the best places to travel in Nagashima, Mie Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for map, how to get there, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Nabana no Sato posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]

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Breathtaking Reflections Of Begonia

Have you ever seen such magnificent and breathtaking begonia flowers? From the other side of a big pond, a great scenery spreads in front of you. I felt the scenery seen with the naked eye was more beautiful than photos.


Wonderful Begonia Garden Is A Must-Visit Place, Not Only The Famous Illuminations

Begonia Garden is very photogenic place where we can find flowers all wherever we see. People who like cameras, can enjoy here at least 30 minutes!


Fantastic Light Tunnel As Long As 200 Meters Long

You can see the biggest illumination in Japan in Nabana no Sato. There're two tunnels, the one is as long as 200m fantastic gallery of light, and another is 100m and has different themes every year. And the theme for this year is cherry blossom.


Light-Up Of Nabana-no Sato! A Heart Shape Appears In Kawazu Cherry Blossoms

I found a heart shape in the sky among Kawazu cherry blossoms lighted at night. There're about 300 trees of Kawazu Zakura, and we can enjoy the blossoms during May. The night illumination was very beautiful!


Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Make A Heart In The Sky

Kawazu Zakura Festival of Nabano-no Sato, has some spots making heart shapes in the sky! The trees are lighted up at night, I like it, too.


Rainy Day Is Much Better Than Sunny! A Light Tunnel Of Nabana-no Sato

Though I don't have anything to tell you because many people have been here, I really want to say today is, you should go to the Light Tunnel specially on rainy days. The ground gets wet, and the Light Tunnel will show us the another scenery. You may feel unwilling to go out on rainy days, but it's worth visiting so much!


Biggest Scale In Japan! Impressive Begonia Garden At Nabana no Sato

The biggest Begonia Garden at Nabana no Sato, famous for also illuminations. It grows and exhibits as many as 12 thousands and hundreds kinds of gorgeous flowers gathered from around the world all the time. The bulb begonia in about 5000 pots are blooming in a large 9000 square meters greenhouse.◎Entrance fee for Nabana no Sato: 2300yen. Then you can get 1000yen discount-ticket and use it to enter the Begonia Garden. Or, you need to pay 1000yen separately.


Beautiful Garden of Big-Bloom Begonia And Lovely Fuchsia

This Begonia Garden opens in all seasons. The big-bloom begonia on the ceiling, wall and water surface, are really impressive! People, who like lovely flowers, must see Fuchsia. It's called as 'queen's earring', and looks like a fairy.


Illumination Of Nabana-no Sato! Begonia Garden Filled With Flowers

The night illumination of Begonia Garden at Nabana-no Sato is also very beautiful. Wherever you look in the big greenhouse, there're so many flowers all around! It's beautiful like a painting.


Very Impressive Tunnel Of Lights

The weather was bad, and it rained on and off. I had been in low spirit on that day, but when I entered the tunnel! There were beautiful reflections thanks to the puddles! I became in high spirit as soon as I saw this scene! So we can enjoy Nabana-no Sato even the weather is not good.


A Fantastic Illuminations