Shiohama Substation


Shiohama Substation is one of the best places to travel in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, Japan.  Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map, spots nearby, and photos of Shiohama Substation posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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Reflected Another World In The Pool After The Rain

Only after the rain, there's a pool at a bank between the river, and when you look in Shiohama substation, the amazing scenery found in it! Nighttime is also great.

The Reflections Of Factory Night View Appearing On Only Particular Days

These reflections appear only after rains. I could have mysterious experience like going into the world of SF.
You should go after it stop raining.



Shiohama-cho, yokkaichi-shi, mie


15 min walk from Shiohama Station. 45 min by car from Tsu city.



Nearby Things To Do

Umi Terrace 14

Night-Factory View Like Jewels You Can Look Down From An Observatory

With the sun setting, the night factory are lighted, and the scenery from the 14th-floor observatory is fantastic and impressive. For there's an exhibition room and huge images, you can learn about various information and history of Yokkaichi Port.

Yokkaichi Dome

The Collaboration Of Factories & Boats

Yokkaichi Dome confronts the factory area. Though it's good to zoom in on factory, I used wide angle lens. As a result, the floating boats became a nice accent.

Yokkaichi Inaba Port Line

The Appearance Like A Dragon Belly Flying In The Sky

I went to Yokkaichi Inaba Port Line that has become famous as a photo shooting spot since it opened in April 1st in 2018. When I looked up, there's a dragon's belly flying in the sky.

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