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The Prodigious Sea

The Nanatsugama has been designated a national monument. It is made by Genkai-nada Sea and 3m wide and 110m deep. You can see it by a sightseeing boat.


Clear Squid of Yobiko

You can eat the whole fresh squid sumptuously! The clear and beautiful squid tastes especially good.


Yobiko Specialty Fresh Squid

A clear squid is chewy and sweet! You can taste its legs by tempura.


Yobuko, One of the 3 Biggest Morning Markets

In lively morning market, there are very fresh seafood, seasonal vegetables, fruits grown in Saga and so on.


Very Delicious But Unknown Restaurant of Japanese Eel

They are particular about using only domestic ells and finish to grill softly. Topped with grated yam and a quail's egg. This is the genuine unatoro-don.


Osaka Castle Tower Standing Dignified

55 meters above the ground, in 5 layers, 8 floors, grampus on the roof, lying tiger and on, gold ornaments shine beautifully anywhere in the castle.


A Huge Cedar Tree Standing Strongly

The long approach leads into the ceder trees that are over 300 years old.


A Spiritual Spot, Naigu Pond And Carp

Your wish may come true, if you set the photo for a standby screen of your phone. Red-white carp is for a lucky with love, and gold one for money.


A Town Succeeds Traditions Of An Old Castle Town

All houses have Kiriduma roofs, white walls and latticed doors like in Edo period.


A Castle Tower On The Top

It's preserved in good condition and counted as one of the four castle of national treasures.