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I like traveling by myself, and take my a few vacations to enjoy travelling all around Japan.

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Purification Fountain Filled With Hydrangeas When Lotus Flowers Start To Bloom

Jōnen-ji Temple is famous for the scene of lotus flowers in pots lined from the entrance. Also, as another fascination, they arrange colorful hydrangeas in the hand-purification fountain in the beginning of Japanese rainy season. Both hydrangeas and lotus flowers make us feel relaxed. Though the parking area is not so enough, it has easy access by public transportation.


Flower Fields Commanding The Nearby Landing Field & North Alps In The Distance

'North Alps & Flower Hill' in Shinshu Skypark, surrounding Matsumoto Airport, has wonderful flower bed with as many as 150 thousand flowers. Skypark is its nickname, and it's named Nagano Prefecture Matsumoto Daira Koiki Koen. It's a main area of Shinshu Flower Festival.


Nemophila Blue World Where We Lose Sight Of The Boundary Between The Blue Sky & The Ground

HITACHI SEASIDE PARK has become very famous because of the spread in SNS, it was a great park that could answer my expectations. We can see the amazing blue Nemophila fields even we look from the bottom or above. It'll be better to visit before the Golden Week Holidays (long successive holidays from late April to early May). Also, the best season of Nemophila is around those days.


Spring Cherry Blossom Walking Path Along The River

Located at Kita-ku, Nagoya, it's a famous cherry blossom viewing spot which has more than 400 trees along the 1.5 kilometers Hori-kawa River. For there're not any parking area near here, so we enjoy walking under the trees. And it's also good for jogging. I have two pictures taken in different white balance.


Feeling Of Exhilaration To Going Through The Cherry Blossom Tunnel, And A Breath Of Spring

So many cherry blossom trees along as long as 9 kilometers bank of Kiso River. They have been planted since Meiji 18 (1885), and now there're over 400 trees, such as Higan Zakura and Shidare (weeping cherry blossom) Zakura. I took these pics last year when they were in full-bloom.


Beautiful Wavy Patterns Of Various Tulips

There're 157 kinds of and 300 thousand tulip, muscari, and hyacinth all around the garden, we can feel the arrival of spring. The entrance fees and parking area are free, and it's located near a famous Nabana-no Sato, so we can enjoy these two gardens together. The Tulip Festival in 2019 starts from March 25th!


Historical Symbol Of Beppu Onsen! And Famous Sand Bath

Takegawara Onsen is a representative one of Beppu Onsen which has a long history since Meiji 12 (1879). The ordinary bath is for only 100 yen, but the sand bath will be a good experience when you visit here. I like the good-old atmosphere of the inside as well as the outside building! There're no bath amenities at all, you need to bring by yourselves.


Temple Of Autumn Leaves On The Green Moss & Beautiful Bamboo Grove

Enko-ji Temple is famous for the frame-garden (the garden looks like a picture thanks to the pillars and eaves ) of the main temple building. The wonderful autumn colors, green moss, and calm bamboo grove make us feel soothed. I felt happy with the smile of Ojizo statue and could have tranquil time here. ◎Shisen-do and Kompuku-ji Temple are able to access on foot from here. Both temples have beautiful autumn colors, so I recommend to visit together.


Gorgeous Installation Of Cherry Blossom Colors In A Whole Room

I was surprised at the room in cherry blossom colors like spring in actually the season of autumn colors! I posted pictures of only one room, but the arts of other rooms were also wonderful.◎This room is located in front of information desk. There're many great works in other rooms. Please visit web site of Toyokawa City. This exhibition is held till November 17th.


Impressive Autumn Color Reflections Like A Mirror World

You can see lively three colors of autumn leaves in the daytime, but, you must see the night light-up when you visit Sogi Park! There're eight ponds in the park, and each of them has different scenery of upside-down maple trees. Specialty, many people got together at the pond just near the entrance.◎Light-up from November 9th to 18th in 2018. Some time periods prohibit the use of tripod, so please have good manners and enjoy taking pictures.