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I started camera on June 10 in 2017. I want to leave the scenery I see as impressive photos. I'm a still inexperienced person, please enjoy my pictures.

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Cherry Blossom Tunnel Lasting Hundreds Meters Long

Sanagawa Bank has cherry blossom trees and canola flowers at the both sides lasting hundreds meters long. Many people know the collaboration of the two flowers though, I focused on only cherry blossom trees to express the tunnel continued far away.


Rainy Day Is Much Better Than Sunny! A Light Tunnel Of Nabana-no Sato

Though I don't have anything to tell you because many people have been here, I really want to say today is, you should go to the Light Tunnel specially on rainy days. The ground gets wet, and the Light Tunnel will show us the another scenery. You may feel unwilling to go out on rainy days, but it's worth visiting so much!


Great Nature Around Shirakawa Village

Shirakawa-go is a village surrounded with huge mountains. Wherever we see around, the great nature is so breathtaking that we feel it's not in Japan!


Spring, As We Go Through The Tunnel

Because of the effects of Instagram, Kawazu cherry blossom of Shinshiro has become so famous that many people come to see from other prefectures. With the silhouettes, we can see the people's feelings for coming spring. It's an ordinary road, so be careful when you take pictures.


Mt. Fuji Just In Front Of Lake Yamanaka

I went there on February 2nd, because I wanted to take pictures of frozen Lake Yamanaka. I wonder by the influence of snow the day before, Lake Yamanaka was so sold and frozen as I expected. I could get a very impressive pic of Mt. Fuji with Orion on it!


Tokyo Tower & Laser Beams

It's a famous night-view photo spot of Tokyo Tower and car's laser beams. I often see the collaboration of these two but hadn't seen the pics with cars, so I tried to take cars into my pics! We need to be careful about other people around us while we take pictures because it's a sidewalk.


The Scenery Of 'This Is Sakae'

I took this picture from Aichi Arts Center. I aimed Oasis 21 as a main object, Television Tower and buildings of Nagoya at the time of magic hour.◎From Sakae Station, you can take picture like this from Aichi Arts Center located next to Oasis 21.


The Lighted Chrysanthemum Cultivation Overlooked From An Observatory

From an observatory at Akabane Bunka-no Mori Park, I took picture of lighted chrysanthemum cultivation (lighting chrysanthemum at night during winter to control the bloom) with the townscape of Tahara. The lighted-chrysanthemum is not famous as an object for photos, but I'm happy if many people know its beauty by this picture.


Retro Buildings Standing On The River In Toyohashi

In Toyohashi, many people go toward Hirokoji Shopping District but don't go toward the building above the river. But they were built in Showa Era and its retro mood is worth visiting. You can enjoy some cafes and Japanese style bars, so I want you to visit once by any means!◎5 min walk from the east exit of Toyohashi Station.


The Appearance Like A Dragon Belly Flying In The Sky

I went to Yokkaichi Inaba Port Line that has become famous as a photo shooting spot since it opened in April 1st in 2018. When I looked up, there's a dragon's belly flying in the sky.