Best Tourist Spots In Takamatsu-shi

Here're best Tourist Spots in Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Takamatsu-shi.

Best Tourist Spots In Takamatsu-shi [1-10]

1Ritsurin Garden

Michelin Grreen Guide Japan gives 3-star to Ritsurin Garden. You should visit the cherry blossom illumination event in spring. Though there're not many trees, picturesque night cherry blossoms are proud of its impressive beauty scenery.

Ritsurin Garden has won 3-star in Michelin Green Guide Japan. You can see the beautiful autumn scenes everywhere in Ritsurin Garden. There's no bustle, though it's located in the central city in Kagawa, and it's like an oasis.◎Ritsurin Garden is 3,5 times as large as Tokyo Dome. Autum Illumination: 11/23-12/3 in 2017


A tourist spot Yashima is located only 20 min by car from the center part of Takamatsu. From the mountain top observatory, you can see the great view of red autumn colors and blue Seto Inland Sea at the same time.◎Yashima is famous for the flat mountain ridge. Access: Yashima Drive Way (it became free road from July in 2017) and toll parking lot is available.

Yashima mountain is famous as a place of a old battle of Gempei. The scenery from the top of the mountain must be the best in Kagawa.

3Bussyozan Onsen Tenpyouyu (Hot Spring)

Busshozan Onsen is chic and modern hot spring. Its onsen is good of course, and I like its restaurant's shaved ice very much. Even the last spoon makes me happy for its deliciousness.◎They offer shaved ice from May to November.

The simple structure of white wall and wood is like a café. The thick water seems to be good for skin, open-air bath and water contains carbonic acid gas are popular among the young and elders.

4Ogijima Lighthouse

Ogi-jima Island Lighthouse is unpainted and made from high quality 'Aji Stone' mined in Kagawa. It's selected as one of the 50 best lighthouses in Japan. The beautiful Seto Inland Sea makes the symbol of Ogi Island more attractive.◎Access: 15 min by bicycle from Oji Port. You can go on foot, too. On the way to the lighthouse, you can see the nice view of Setouchi.

5Washigamine Observatory

At the highest mountain Washigamine in Megijima, the observatory commands a panoramic view of Seto Inland Sea, and what's more, fall foliage together. It's one of the things to see when you travel in the islands of Setouchi Area.◎It's located above Onigashima Cave. Access: take a bus to the cave and go up the steps.

Megi Island is near from the central city of Kagawa, you can see the both views of city and islands in Setouchi at the same time.◎null

6Takamatsu Port

Rose Garden in Takamatsu Port is not so big, but the location commanding Seto Inland Sea and a big arch of pink rose are very photogenic!◎The best season of roses are from the middle of May to the beginning of June. No admission fee.

Islands in Kagawa became famous because of the Setouchi International Triennial in recent years. Takamatsu Port leading to those islands is full of art works and very fashionable.

7Takamatsu Summer Festival

You can see the best night view of Kagawa Prefecture and the fireworks above the Seto Inland Sea at the same time from Shishi-no Reigan Observatory. It can command the evening glow before the fireworks, and after that, the great night view of Takamatsu. It's gorgeous spot, isn't it?◎5 min walk from Yashima Mountain Top Parking Area. The parking area requires 300 yen. The Yashima Dive Way was toll road but now it's free. You should except for the traffic jam after the firework.

A summer festival of Takamatsu city. It's a cruise tour planned together with the festival. The ship is closer to the fireworks than the ground. You can enjoy also the sunset of Seto Inland Sea.◎Some travel agents publish the cruise plan for the summer festival. It's sold out quickly, so you need to make reservation as soon as it published.

8Kimbuchi Forest Park

Kimbuchi Forest Park is famous as a cherry blossom spot in Kagawa Prefecture. A pink tunnel formed from around the parking area is great enough. But what's more, the cherry blossom co-starring with tulip is more beautiful!

9Honenji Temple

Honenji Temple is a family temple of Matsudaira, a general of old Takamatsu Clan. The scenery of cherry blossoms coloring the precinct with a five-storied pagoda, is wonderful. Especially, you can see its most beautiful view from the opposite bank of the pond!◎A udon noodle restaurant 'Ryuun' in the precinct is very popular. And you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing at Busshozan Park next to Honenji Temple.

10Fujio Hachiman Shrine

Fujio Hachiman Shrine located at Fujio Mountain, is well known as a great place of wisteria. The highlight is the large wisteria trellis surrounding the parking area with purple, white and pink flowers. And you can find many other places where the wisteria blooming beautifully all over the shrine. ◎The best season starts from the end of April to the beginning of May.