Best Tourist Spots In Busshozan

Here're best Tourist Spots in Busshozan, Kagawa. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Busshozan.

Best Tourist Spots In Busshozan [1-5]

1Bussyozan Onsen Tenpyouyu (Hot Spring)

Busshozan Onsen is chic and modern hot spring. Its onsen is good of course, and I like its restaurant's shaved ice very much. Even the last spoon makes me happy for its deliciousness.◎They offer shaved ice from May to November.

The simple structure of white wall and wood is like a café. The thick water seems to be good for skin, open-air bath and water contains carbonic acid gas are popular among the young and elders.

It's a popular shaved ice served by a chic onsen like a cafe! It's perfect for us to eat shaved ice after taking onsen! For its fluffy ice, we can eat all of it easily.

2Ryuo Park

Ryuo Park located in Ryuman Pond is well-known as a cherry blossom viewing spot. Lined with stone lanterns, a passage with cherry blossom tunnel is like floating on the pond. You can see very beautiful scenery that you can't expect from outside the pond.◎Parking area is near the entrance of the passage.

3Busshozan Farm Sunflower Field

Busshozan means 'mountain with living Buddha', and prospered as a temple town. In summer, as many as 55 thousand of sunflowers color the retro town. Though it's hot, it's a best place for 'summer flower viewing' making you refreshed.◎Access: 5min walk to the south from Busshozan Station. The best season is the end of July to the beginning of August. The local train 'Kotoden' runs beside the sunflower field.

4Heike Pond

Heike Pond is well known for azalea flowers. Around the pond, there're pink, purple azalea blooming taller than people. What's more, you can see Yashima, a symbol mountain in Takamatsu, in the distance.◎You can visit here together with Busshozan Park, famous for azalea, too. The best season to see: from the end of April to the beginning of May.

5Busshozan Park

Busshozan Park is famous as a beautiful place of azalea. Pink, purple and white azalea bloom all over the park, and you can find photogenic places anywhere. I like the azalea tunnel in front of Honen-ji Temple.◎The best season to see starts from the end of April to the beginning of May. There're some parking areas. And the gate near Honen-ji Temple is good to see the azalea.