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Kagawa Prefecture's Best Hydrangea Shrine, With Hydrangeas Even On A Stampbook!

Awai Shrine is a popular hydrangea spot in Kagawa Prefecture. There're about 3000 trees of hydrangea in the precinct. What's more, hydrangea floating on the hand-purifying fountain is also attractive, and many visitors get a shrine stampbook with a hydrangea seal.◎There's a walking path with hydrangea at both sides. You can walk it in 20 or 30 min.


Wisteria Temple In Kagawa! Wonderful Wisteria Trellis Spreading The Length Of The Precinct

Mampuku-ji is famous as a wisteria temple in Kagawa Prefecture. The wisteria trellis with some kinds, white and purple, spreads the length of the precinct, which is worth seeing. I could enjoy the bright spring scenery from the bench under the roof of wisteria.◎Best season to see starts from the end of April to the beginning of May. In 2018, they're in its best on 4/22.


'Demikatsu-don' With Rich Demi-Glace Sauce & Pork Cutlet At Its Birthplace

A specialty of Okayama, 'Demikatsu-don' has pork cutlet on rice with demi-glace sauce. Nomura is famous as its birthplace. The thick, rich and sweet sauce is excellent with the crisp cutlet. I have no doubt that it's a delicious local specialty food in Okayama.◎It's called also as 'Domikatsu'. A specialty Demi-glace sauce cutlet on rice 800 yen.


Cherry Blossoms In Kotohira-gu Shrine Famous For Its So Long 785 Steps

Kotohira-gu Shrine has a nickname 'Kompira-san' and it's famous for the long approach with as may as 785 steps. And in spring, the cherry blossoms decorates the precinct beautifully. Let's walk up the long steps under this beautiful scenery!◎You can see the cherry blossoms all over the shrine.


A Beautiful Five-Storied Pagoda Colored With Cherry Blossoms

Honenji Temple is a family temple of Matsudaira, a general of old Takamatsu Clan. The scenery of cherry blossoms coloring the precinct with a five-storied pagoda, is wonderful. Especially, you can see its most beautiful view from the opposite bank of the pond!◎A udon noodle restaurant 'Ryuun' in the precinct is very popular. And you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing at Busshozan Park next to Honenji Temple.


Good Place For Hanami With Your Families! A Scenic Park Of Cherry Blossoms

Toryo Park is a famous for the 1500 cherry blossom trees. It commands also the Seto Inland Sea, and has enough spaces to open picnic blankets and eat lunch anywhere. You can have a nice hanami with your families here. ◎Free parking area is available.


Cherry Blossoms At Marugame Castle Famous For The Highest Stone Walls In Japan

Marugame Castle is famous for the highest and beautiful stone walls. And it's also known as a cherry blossom viewing spot whose castle tower is surrounded with pink blossoms. Many people come to enjoy hanami party. Don't miss the outlook over the sea!◎Parking area is available near the castle. By the way, the stone wall is the highest, but the castle tower is the smallest in Japan.


Not To Be Outdone By Famous Spots! A Small But Great Cherry Blossom Spot

A small stream with esplanades located at a quiet residential area. In spring, it becomes a great hanami (cherry blossom viewing) spot combining cherry blossom tunnel, flower raft (floating fallen petals on the water are called like this), reflections, and even carp. There're everything that fascinate the fans of cherry blossom!◎It's located at the rear of a cafe 'creer'. You can see cherry blossom reflections on the water at night!


Cherry Blossom Viewing Spot Commanding Seto Great Bridge & Sanuki Fuji Mountain

Tokiwa Park is popular as a scenic spot with an observatory commanding Seto Great Bridge and beautiful mountain called Sanuki Fuji. In spring, it's known as a nice hanami (cherry blossom viewing) spot. You can enjoy cherry blossoms with these refreshing scenery!◎Going toward a wedding hall St. Angelina near here, then you can find Tokiwa Park easily. There're many electric wires, so it's a little difficult to take pictures without them.


Let's Go For A Spring Walk! A Pond Encircled With Cherry Blossoms

Kamata-ike Pond is known as a great cherry blossom spot. The pond is just good for a walk, and many cherry trees encircle the bank. There's a cherry blossom tunnel near a school at the shore!◎Parking area is available at Kamata-ike park.