Best Restaurants In Takamatsu-shi

Here're best Restaurants in Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Takamatsu-shi.

Best Restaurants In Takamatsu-shi [1-10]


Anmochi (a rice cake with azuki bean jam) really works well with white miso and stock soup. People live in Kagawa love this combination. This rice cake is also hand made here, Momotaro jaya. The side dish, shoyu mame (a broad bean soaked in soy sause) is also the local specialty.

In Seto Inland Sea, between January and March, small octopus called iidako are caught. Why don't you try out when you take a rest from walking in Yashima Temple.

2Bois et Dupont

A French restaurant of chef Kiba who had improved his skills in overseas countries and worked for a long-established hotel. His superb cuisine provides us with something surprising or moving from start to end. This time, uncommon 'fresh' foie gras (not frozen at all)! Kagawa's pride French, when you come to Kagawa.

A proud chef in Kagawa, Mr. Kiba has his restaurant here. You can enjoy the moving French dishes every time you come.

A nice caramelization with fruit and ice cream in season. All of them serve as a foil for each other and become a superb sweet crème brulee.

3Sea food restaurant Jyako-ya

They add powdered olive leaves as feed to make a quality and unfading meat of young yellow tails. Soaked them in soy sauce and eat with rice.

Self-service shop. The local women cook the local foodstuffs.


With soft-boiled egg and sesame spicy sauce. Ryuun Udon restaurant's orthodox udon is good, but some kinds of new style are tasty, too.


Such as seasonal fish in Seto Inland Sea and specialty 'Olive beef' with their original ideas that please the customers. This Italian restaurant is approved as 'Sanuki (the old name of Kagawa) Dining' by Kagawa Prefecture. Their dishes and comfortable service are attractive for us.

All the vegetables and the laver grown in Kagawa. I found the new taste of vegetables dipped in laver (nori in Japanese) sauce for the first time. I could meet something surprising every time I visited this Italian restaurant.


The restaurant owner said 'Kagawa is unknown but great place to eat delicious eel at lower price.' They use natural born eels caught in Kagawa, and the Unaju (grilled eel on rice with sauce) is very savory and meaty. You can eat the quality Unaju at lower price than any other restaurants.◎Natural Unagi (Eel) Unaju 3500yen

Have you seen such a gorgeous udon noodle? This matsutake mushroom grown in this area called Shionoe. Asantei offers natural unagi eel and edible wild plants, like a treasure house of rich foodstuff.

7Choko Sorae

A famous Chinese restaurant standing at Yashima where was the stage of the Genji-Heike War. A restaurant couldn't stand such a place, I thought, but a beautiful Setouch scenery spreads from here. Enjoy a little spicy original Chinese dishes that we seem to meet for the first time and made from mainly Sanuki's foodstuffs.

This Chinese restaurant locates on the beautiful mountain Yashima. Moreover, you can see the Setouchi ocean view from anywhere in the restaurant. Its delicate and modern Chinese dishes cooked from higher foodstuffs are the best in Sanuki area.

You can enjoy the best Chinese dishes in Sanuki with the ocean view from anywhere in the restaurant. The magnificent Setouchi sea scenery sets off the dishes.


There are many restaurants that serve chicken and udon in Kagawa but it is sure that they are in the leading three. Many fans are attracted to the crisp chicken and make a line to eat. Moreover, sometimes they can't eat because it's sold out.


A High Quality Tempura Udon

It's not a do it yourself style restaurant. They cook tempura after taking an order to provide the quality foodstuffs and tempura with a smooth texture.

9Temmaya Sando

A café in a renovated building of a tangible cultural property at a retro town. The owner had baked bread as a hobby and become popular. That's because their sandwich full of vegetable has so delicious buns.◎They have 3 or 4 kinds of sandwiches (set meal 1000yen), and it's possible to be sold out. Anything else, they prepare some kinds of sweets and so on.

This café was renovated from a house as a tangible cultural property in Busshozan which remains the atmosphere of historical temple town. Bread baked by the owner who had run a dry goods store here became popular, and they opened this bread café. Delicious breads and buns with full of vegetables that get everyone become a fan of this cafe!


They have many kinds of dishes that can satisfy even people don't drink alcohols. Seafood of course, I like a grilled lamb with pepper leaf bud, too. I admire that they use plates of Sanuki's traditional craft products.

A fresh Spanish mackerel grown in Setouchi. The in-season fish tasted light and very delicious with savory small.

They make an assorted sashimi cooked mainly the fish in the restaurant's tank. Today at the beginning of summer, they prepare besuke (the name of a conger ell grown in Setouchi), denpuku (a globefish), a common octopus and slightly grilled sawara (a kind of mackerel).