Ritsurin Garden

Ritsurin Garden is one of the best places to go in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. You can enjoy cherry blossoms from the late March to the early April. And also the autumn colored leaves from the mid November to December. Here're guides for map, how to get there, opening hours, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Ritsurin Garden, posted by Japanese travelers in the know. Admission fee: adult 410 yen, child 170 yen.[last modified: ]

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Picturesque Night Cherry Blossoms Of Three Michelin-starred Garden You Should See Once

Michelin Grreen Guide Japan gives 3-star to Ritsurin Garden. You should visit the cherry blossom illumination event in spring. Though there're not many trees, picturesque night cherry blossoms are proud of its impressive beauty scenery.

Limited For 10 Days! Colored Leaves Light Up In Autumn

A mysterious mood wraps the whole garden by the illumination, and you can see the colored leaves for your heart content during this precious 10 days.

Fantastic Nights Of Three Michelin-starred Garden Enveloped In Red Leaves

Ritsurin Garden's autumn illumination is one of the events that I recommend to visit every year. It's near the central of the city and has an easy access from both Takamatsu Station and airport. This illumination is held for limited 10 days, 11/19-11/28 in 2016!

Meet With Scenic Beauty At Every Step. A Great Garden Colored With Cherry Blossoms

Ritsurin Garden, proud of its 'One Step, One Scene', is designated as Japanese Scenic Beauty and has won the highest in Michelin. Enjoy walking step by step in spring Ritsurin Garden with charry blossom colors. It'll make you feel refreshed♪
Season: the beginning of April Entrance Fee: adult ¥410 child ¥170 Bus: Ritsurin Koen Mae Station: JR Ritsurin Koen, 3min walk from its north gate Parking: toll parking lot available

3-Star Michelin Garden Colored By Autumn In Kagawa Prefecture

Ritsurin Garden has won 3-star in Michelin Green Guide Japan. You can see the beautiful autumn scenes everywhere in Ritsurin Garden. There's no bustle, though it's located in the central city in Kagawa, and it's like an oasis.
Ritsurin Garden is 3,5 times as large as Tokyo Dome. Autum Illumination: 11/23-12/3 in 2017

Even Rain Is Fascinating At Ritsurin Garden

It's pity to rain during our travels, but Japanese gardens can make it picturesque beauty. Especially, rainy Ritsurin Garden is impressive! The rainy mist covering the mountains, ripples on the calm pond give more tastes to the atmosphere. Autumn colored leaves in rains are calmly beautiful.
For Ritsurin Garden is located in the urban district, it's convenient to access by public facilities and bus. There's a large parking lot for cars.

Night Cherry Blossom Illumination Of Pale Pink And Green

A scenic beauty, Ritsurin Garden directs the illumination. Seeing a fantastic scene and having a hanami party under the trees are both good for this season. Please enjoy before the blossoms fall!

Here's Picturesque Spring! Three Michelin-starred Ritsurin Garden

I visited Ritsurin Garden a little earlier for the best season of Somei-Yoshin cherry blossoms. The cherry trees in the garden has just begun to bloom, but the one near Engetsu Bridge seen from a hill observatory Hiraiho, is now in its best and stands at a picturesque location! What's more, the white magnolia and weeping cherry blossom are also in their best.
Ritsurin Garden changes its attractions as the time you visit. I think the cherry blossom season has two best times a year, because the weeping cherry blossom (Shidare Zakura) becomes full-bloom earlier than Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms. So don't feel disappointed if you visit before full-bloom, there're some other blossoms in their best.

More Than 3000 Iris Blooming At Ritsurin Garden In June

Iris Garden located at North Garden Of Ritsurin Koen. There're more than 3000 roots of iris, and you can see the special scene only in June. A little earlier, in late May, you can find the heart-shaped azalea tree with red flowers, too.
Iris festival and iris root-division lesson are took place. To get more details, please check out the HP of Ritsurin Garden.

Three Michelin Starred Garden! One Scene In One Step

There're many worthy places to see, more than half a day is needed. Not only scenes appearing in a brochure but you can find scenic spots through your filter and take nice pictures.

Magnificent Art of Pines Tree Entwining Complicated

You can appreciate pine trees in good repair and feel the gardener's enthusiasm and spirit.

The Best Autumn Leaves Spot In The City Central

It takes only ten minutes by car from JR Takamatsu station. You can stroll around and drink tea at a tea house in the garden.