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I'm a writer Mund. My religions are books, onsen and museums.

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100% Pure Hot Spring Onsen With Beautiful View Of Japanese Northern Alps

Located on the top of the hill, this onsen is spacious and quiet. You can feel relaxed with the twitters of birds and mountain view. Also the stone sauna is available.◎Fee: 500 yen. If you use the stone sauna, please bring bathrobe or something.


This Is The Japanese Mountain Spring! The Biggest Place Of Apricot Farming

After you're satisfied with cherry blossoms, why don't you go to see the lovely apricot blossoms? In the grand scenery, clear air, and gentle fragrance of spring, you can enjoy walking in the mountains leisurely.◎The best season to see is late March to April. The roads get crowded during the season. You need to park your cars in specified toll parking areas. Apricot Ice Cream 350 yen.


World Heritage In Tokyo! A Beautiful Museum Of Corbusier Architecture

Designed by a French architecture, Le Corbusier, it's 'a museum growing limitlessly'. There're many easy-understandable arts of Western collections for the permanent exhibitions, you can enjoy arts without difficulty.◎Access: just near the Koen-guchi (Park Gate) of Ueno Station. You can appreciate the popular Monet's great art 'Nymphéas (Water Lily)'. I think visiting from noon is more better.


A Museum You Can Appreciate The Art & Design

At this museum, you can appreciate the collection of Picasso and Taro Okamoto, and various kinds of chairs created by famous designers. What's more, it's happy for us to be permitted to use cameras.◎Access: 20min walk from Toyama Station. The museum restaurant is Taimeiken famous for a chef Hiroshi Modegi.


Taste Spring In Fushimi. A Restaurant Of Sake Brewer Gekkeikan

How about visiting Chushojima this spring? Some kinds of sake and Kyoto cuisine at a restaurant of Gekkeikan Brewery can make you feel the arrival of spring earlier.◎Though Chushojima has many sake breweries, here's the best for lunch and dinner. You can visit at ease because they prepare some sweet cocktails of Japanese sake.


Fresh, Not Circulated Hot Spring & Various Foods Of Beautiful Onsen Facility

Though Togura-ueyamada Onsen has a long history, this is a modern onsen facility. In a spacious building, there're a bakery and many stylish sofas to spend leisurely. Some lessons such as handicraft are held here, it's popular as a relaxing place for the citizens.◎The nearest station is Togura, but it's better to use cars. You can enjoy pasty, mild hot spring good for your skin.


Onsen Restaurant With Various Dishes Good For Before & After Taking A Bath

A restaurant in Kotorinoyu. Let's eat something in a food court with an open atmosphere, though there're screens. They prepare healthy dishes with the local vegetables and some sweets which you must want to eat even you're full. In a good way, this doesn't like an onsen facility, the various foods make me completely satisfied!◎Though you need to buy food ticket, you can pay all together when you go out. Some foods such as pizza start from 11:00.


Guest House In Osaka Good For Also Beginners

Stay in Osaka at lower price! This is a guest house you can access from Umeda within walkable area. Breakfast is available if you order. It's a place like middle of guest house and youth hostel, so I recommend here for even beginners.◎Easy access from Yodoyabashi and Nakanoshima. You can find restaurants for dinner easily. Private room on a floor exclusive use of women, and also dormitory are available. It's clean, the air-condition and the lounge are comfortable to stay!


Tableware With The Artist's Thought In A Town Of Handicraft

At beautiful Nakamachi Street with white and black Namako Walls, you can find a shining show window with colorful glass tableware. Let's choose something you think really good. You can get the artist thought in the works and life when you come this shop.◎I bought a rice bowl. I feel warmth in it only it's on a table.


A Retro Coffee Shop Near Matsumoto Station You Must List

Matsumoto City has many coffee shops, and it's the one located near the station and you can use at ease! The old way to make Latte and completely antique interior are contrary new for me. Their lunch also can make you satisfying.◎Between Nagano and Matsumoto, Shinshu round trip ticket and Express ticket book (4 pieces) are by far most economical. You can buy both at a ticket machine.