Best Tourist Spots In Wakayama

Here're best Tourist Spots in Wakayama. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Wakayama.

Best Tourist Spots In Wakayama [1-10]


Wakayama Marina City


A Photogenic Spot 'PORTO EUROPE' Without Admission Fees

Located in Wakayama Marina City, PORTO EUROPE is a very fashionable and photogenic place that imitates the townscape of France and Italy. Because it doesn't require the admission fees, there're many people enjoy taking pictures.◎There're an amusement park, the local food shops and restaurants in the same site, so all of your families can enjoy together. The entrance fee is free, but you need fees if you want to take rides of an amusement park.


Many Photo Spots

Around Wakayama Marina City is a nice ocean resort with a hotel, a basin for yachts, and there're many photo spots. You can see very beautiful sunset in the evening.


Summer Weekends Fireworks

After enjoy 'PORTO EUROPE' with a townscape of Europe, and Kuroshio Market, you can see the fireworks for the finishing of a day.


Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine


Japan's Biggest One! Very Impressive Torii Arch Standing With Innumerable Stars In The Sky

The biggest torii arch stands at Oyunohara where Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine was once located. The great torii in the nature is very impressive and cannot be ignored. What's more, the starry sky is also very beautiful, and I was moved by the Milky Way that was able to see with the naked eyes.


Huge Existence We Can See From A Distance! Japan's Biggest Torii Gate Standing On The Site Of A Former Shrine Building

Kumano Hongu Taisha is popular as a spiritual power spot. A Torii Gate at 'Oyunohara' isolated from the main shrine, is 33.9m high and 42m wide, the biggest one in Japan. A former shrine was used to stand here, a sacred place, and we can feel the energy of earth and prayers of predecessors.


Japan's Largest Torii Arch With Cherry Blossom & The Milky Way

Great Torii Arch Of Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine is the largest torii in Japan, and it's 34 meters high and 42 meters wide, which is really big as we see it actually. In spring, the cherry blossoms can be seen at the bottom of the torii arch, and innumerable stars appear above it, for it's located southern part of Wakayama.


Oishi Kogen Highlands 


Beautiful! Pampas Grass Shining In The Light Of Sunset

Very large highlands of pampas grass spreading to 360 degrees as far as the eye can see. They shine gold beautifully in the light of evening sun. You can enjoy taking picturesque portraits, too.


Golden Japanese Pampas Grass In The Evening Glow

Oishi Highland is good sunset view spot with the Japanese pampas grass shining in the evening glow. Autumn is the best season to see these pampas grass. And the temperature is low, you need to prepare winter clothes.


Japanese Pampas Grass And The Sky Of Evening Glow

Oishi Kogen Highlands is filled up with fluffy Japanese pampas grass in autumn. The evening scenery over the pampas grass on the mountain top is very beautiful. On the west hill, we can see even the ocean.


New Year At A world Heritage! Japan's Greatest Waterfall Lit Up In The Darkness

Nachi Waterfall is proud of the highest drop in Japan as a single waterfall. It's one of the three best waterfalls in Japan, and one element of a World Heritage 'Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range'. It's lit up from New Year's Eve to the dawn of New Year's Day, so you can see the beautiful and mysterious Nachi Waterfall!◎Train and bus are available in daytime, but they may not in service in night-time. Using car is the best way to visit in night-time.


Scenic Place To See Both Stars & Rising Sun

To see the Orionid meteor shower was my purpose, and I could see, rather, the sky with numerous stars. What's more, if you set the camera as it stands, we can see the rising sun from the rocks. Hashigui Iwa Rocks is a scenic place where we can see both stars and rising sun.◎5 min by bus from Kushimoto Station


Japan's Natural Monument, Hashigui Iwa

Hashigui Iwa is located at Kushimoto, Wakayama, a southernmost town in Honshu Region of Japan. These pics are the lighting show in 2018. We can see this for three days, 11/2 to 4. The fantastic scenery different from its usual, is very impressive! The ordinary landscape is in the third pic. 5 min by bus from Kushimoto Station. You should visit Kushimoto rich in nature!


The Setting Sun In The Opening Of Engetsu Island

Engetsu Island is a symbol of Shirahama. You can see the setting sun in the opening of the island. It's specially beautiful in the evening glow.◎You need to go when the sun sets.


Shirahama's Symbol of An Island With A Coastal Erosion

The setting sun in Engetsu Island is also beautiful.


Washigamine Cosmos Park


The Night View Behind 1 Million Cosmos

Washigamine Mountain is 586.2 meters high. Its observatory commands the whole view of Wakayama city. In autumn, we can enjoy cosmos fields, and take pictures of cosmos and night view together.


Cosmos Fields Blooming With The Night View & Starry Sky

Driving up the steep mountain road, we arrived at a cosmos field that commands the sky filled up many stars. On the opposite side, we can see the wonderful night view of town lights.◎30 min (15 km) by car from Arita IC of Hanwa Expressway.


Kongobuji Temple


A Holy Place Of Esoteric Buddhism

The most mysterious place I have ever seen.


Fantastic Candle Night Of Kongobuji Temple At World Heritage 'Koyasan'

1000m above the sea level. Kongobuji Temple of Koyasan. At the time of moon viewing, the precinct is wrapped with solemn atmosphere, and you can enjoy fantastic scene.◎Mizuki-kai (moon viewing party while listening to music): October 6th to 8th in 2017, you can see the candles in the precinct for free. But usually, they don't lighten up.


An Elegant Stone Garden 'Banryu-tei' As Large As 2340㎡

One of the highlights of Kongobuji Temple, is a Japanese stone garden 'Banryu-tei'. Shirawaka Pebbles express the sea of clouds, and granite big stones express two dragons floating on the clouds. I want you to appreciate it with peaceful mind from a tasteful corridor of the temple.◎null


Steps Enclosed With Sacred Nature

It's located on the way to Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine. People who like nature, must visit once. What's more, there're many world heritage sites around here, you can enjoy visiting those together.


A Hill Full Of Kumano Kodo Mood

The pass makes you history such as mossy stone stairs, huge Meoto(couple) cypress. Here's an approach to the gate of Kumano Nasu Grand Shrine.


Height 50-60 Meters Sheer Precipice

The appearance of raging waves broken on the rocks is awesome.